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Smarter Retail Risk Analytics to Power World-Class Consumer Experiences

As a point of sale lender, you know that two things matter: making the right decisions and having the right retail risk analytics to make them quickly. Whether you’re powering after purchase payments, offering rent to own financing, or providing credit for products at checkout, your customers demand an extraordinary user experience, or they’ll walk away.

With innovation driving the industry forward, one-click financing is no longer a pipe dream. In fact, you know that your customers abandon application forms, even if they’re just a few short questions. To compete in this highly competitive industry you need technology that helps you control retail credit risk while simplifying the user experience.


“By implementing Provenir Cloud to process customer lease applications, we will increase speed, improve delivery and provide our customers better, faster access to our products and services.”

Head of Risk at Rent-A-Center

Rent-A-Center | Provenir

Whether you provide financing online or in-store, you know that automated processing and real-time decisioning are the minimum requirements you need in a retail lending platform. But, on their own automation and instant decisions aren’t enough to implement a risk strategy that supports one-click applications.

To really understand your customers and the risk they pose you need a retail risk analytics platform that makes it quick and easy to create, test, and deploy all types of risk models. You need a retail lending solution that simplifies data source integration, so you can access the data you need in real-time. You need a retail financing solution that limits reliance on dev teams, so your risk team can take control of strategy. You need a POS lending solution that can use sophisticated credit risk models and advanced data science tools.

You need to power one-click, real-time decisioning.

Digitizing your retail risk analytics and decisioning with Provenir lets you:

  • Simplify the user experience
    Whether switching to an alternate payment method or choosing another retailer entirely, losing a customer costs you money. Remove conversion roadblocks by developing one-click checkout options. With Provenir’s powerful data orchestration and risk decisioning capabilities you can automate advanced credit application processes that require minimum customer input. Whether it’s simple, straight-through approvals or flagging applications that need additional validation, the platform can deliver decisions in seconds.
  • Quickly adapt to market changes
    Your risk technology should help you gain business agility, but often it’s the technology that stands between you and success. Provenir’s business-user friendly low-code, drag and drop interface puts the risk strategy innovation in the hands of your risk team. Instead of being dependent on over burdened dev teams, your risk team will have the power to make rapid changes to risk models, decisioning processes, and data integrations.
  • Power more accurate credit decisioning
    With one-click decisioning you’re more reliant on data processing and credit models than ever before. Provenir’s data source integration wizard simplifies the integration of internal, external, structured and unstructured data so you can access the data you need to more accurately identify your customer and predict credit risk.

Don’t Keep Customers Waiting Make Risk Decisions in Seconds

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The Solution to Retail Credit Risk and Point of Sale Financing Challenges

Maintain agility and speed—with Provenir microservices
Scrap difficult to change monolithic technology and switch to Provenir’s agile and responsive microservices architecture. With increased agility you’ll be able to quickly and easily respond to market threats and opportunities without sacrificing the user experience.

Support instant decisions across all product verticals—with automated processing
When you need to support a diverse product base you need technology that powers automated processing across all product verticals. With the Provenir Platform you can design, build, and reuse business logic components so you can quickly create and launch new product decisioning processes. The platform can decision thousands of applications simultaneously, so you’ll never need to worry about sacrificing speed.

Plan for business growth—with auto-scaling
Investing in credit decisioning technology is a huge commitment, so it’s longevity within your organization is a big concern. Provenir has been designed to grow and adapt to your evolving business needs. You’ll never need to worry about outgrowing the platform with our auto-scaling solution.

Build your decisioning solution—but not from scratch
You want to build your retail credit risk analytics solution in house and we understand why! Being in control of your own technology ensures that you’re getting the exact solution you need to meet business demands. However, what if you could build your decisioning solution without having to develop every component from the ground up? With Provenir you can. The platform has been built to provide you with the technology building blocks that you can customize into your own design!

Rapidly deploy credit risk models—with our model agnostic platform
When you’re decisioning applications in real-time you can’t afford to sacrifice accuracy. The Provenir platform reduces risk model deployment delays by eliminating the need for recoding between model types. It supports risk models written in R, Python, SAS, PMML, and Excel, so, you can quickly test and deploy new models to drive continuous improvement of your retail lending risk management.

Learn from the data—with advanced retail risk analytics and data science tools
Our retail lending platform fully supports advanced data science tools such as machine learning. Dig deeper into the data to improve your ability to predict fraud and default risk. Don’t forget to take advantage of Provenir’s pre-built integration adaptor for AmazonML to easily integrate machine learning into your data analytics.

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