Your Credit Risk Modeling Goal: Deploy Data Models in Real-Time

Getting the Most Out of Your Credit Risk Modeling

Your business is surrounded by data; customer data, business data, data captured at every point of the decisioning process. You use this data to stay ahead of risk, improve the user experience, and drive business growth. But, to get the deepest, most accurate insights from your credit risk modeling you need to be able to upload, test, and deploy risk-models in real-time.

At Provenir we work with the most innovative financial services companies in the world to overcome the credit risk modeling challenges they face when trying to deploy new or updated risk models quickly. Whether it’s deployment delays from model recoding, reliance on vendors for changes, or waiting for engineering teams to manage implementation, the Provenir Platform is designed to remove these barriers and streamline the deployment process.

Deploy Credit Risk Models Without Recoding Delays

When you’re limited to using certain credit risk modeling languages and forced to wait for models to be recoded into supported languages you don’t just delay deployment, you stifle innovation and expose your business to increased risk.

To empower your team to quickly respond to new opportunities or mitigate developing threats you need technology that supports a wide range of modeling languages so your team can test innovative and sophisticated models.

The Provenir Platform is model agnostic and supports imports in the most popular credit risk modeling languages. Use the risk analytics and data science platform to upload Spark, Python, R, Excel, SAS models and more, without recoding. That means less delays, easier updates, and the power to test more sophisticated models.

Put Predictive Model Deployment in the Hands of Business Users

Relying on your vendor or engineering team to deploy models can add additional time to what can be a simple process. Instead of your risk team needing to pass models off to technical resources the Provenir Platform simplifies the upload and mapping process to give your risk team more power and increased control.

With Provenir’s drag and drop, low-code user interface business users can take control of importing models with easy-to-use wizards. The wizard automates field extraction so mapping can be completed quickly and easily.

Testing is also simplified and can be completed within the Platform, no need to export models to a separate testing environment. You’ll also get visual feedback showing exactly what happened during testing, so you can catch problems and make adjustments quickly.

With Provenir’s business-user friendly interface you’ll find that your risk team can take more control over deploying models and implementing your risk strategy. With predictive model deployment in your risk team’s hands you’ll find that deployment can happen on your timetable, not your vendor’s.

Make Data Integration Delays a Thing of the Past

New models often need new data, especially when you’re testing innovative new approaches to decisioning. Data integrations are notorious for taking days or even weeks to complete and updating existing hardcoded integrations can cause just as many problems. While this is a problem in itself, it also causes knock on effects that prevent real-time model deployment.

At Provenir, we understand that as an innovative financial services organization you need a solution that doesn’t just simplify your model deployment, it also helps remove barriers that slow down implementation. That’s why the Provenir Platform includes a powerful data source integration wizard. Again, instead of relying on your vendor or dev team’s support, the wizard puts integration mapping into the hands of your business users.

So, when you need to add new data sources, whether internal or external, to support new models your risk team can take charge of mapping using the drag and drop tool. No hardcoding, no vendor reliance. Just data when you need it.

Deploy Data Models in Real-Time with Provenir

With Provenir’s combination of a user-friendly, low-code interface and powerful model deployment and data integration tools your risk team with have the power to deploy and test models in real-time. To learn more about the Provenir Platform’s support for data models and rapid deployment contact us today.

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