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As an SME lender, you already know that the market offers a huge opportunity, but you also know that it’s incredibly difficult to drive high approval rates without increasing risk. Finding the technology you need to implement your risk strategy and effectively wrangle the risks of sme lending in an ever-evolving industry is a challenge.

As traditional lenders are shying away from lending to SMEs due to decisioning difficulties—big banks only approve around 27% of small business loan applications—at Provenir we’re working with highly innovative lenders, like you, who are stepping up to take on the challenge.

We know that automating processes and powering real-time decisioning are the minimum requirements for your SME lending platform, but what you really need to succeed in this challenging high-risk space is a solution that drives risk strategy innovation. You need to be able to make rapid changes. You need to be able to implement sophisticated credit risk models without relying on a vendor. You need to be able to access the right data at the right time.


"Provenir plays a vital role in navigating this balance between compliance and speed, because it gives us the ability to orchestrate all of our scoring and compliance processes very quickly."

Magnus Silfverberg, CEO, Bisnode

You need to know that you’re making the right decisions.

Provenir provides the solution. With Provenir, you gain the flexibility to manage all of your digital SME lending processes and risk decisioning operations, such as SME credit scoring, through a single solution. From simple requests that can be handled via straight-through processing to complex loans requiring extensive due diligence, Provenir can simplify and streamline the process.

Digitization of loan application processes using Provenir’s cloud-based risk decisioning and SME lending solution is a powerful way to help your business:

  • Take control of risk
    Get real-time access to data and risk analytics on the Provenir Platform. Deeper risk data insights enable your business to make data-backed updates to SME credit scoring models, create more sophisticated decisioning systems, and quickly respond to market threats and opportunities.
  • Gain freedom and agility
    Empower your risk team to take control of risk strategy implementation with Provenir’s low-code, drag, and drop platform. Designed with a focus on powering business agility the Provenir Platform lets your business users make rapid updates to risk processes, limiting the reliance on dev teams and gaining freedom from vendor dependence. With the power of the process in your hands, you’ll see reduced deployment delays and increased agility, driving your business forward.
  • Create an industry leading user experience
    Make your business the go-to choice for SME loans with a fully digital loan experience that gives SMEs rapid access to the funds they need. Compete with fintech lenders using cloud-based digital SME lending platforms with Provenir’s risk decisioning and loan processing solution that powers instant decisioning through advanced risk scoring.


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The Solution to SME Lending Challenges

Overcome the challenges of SME lending and digital decisioning through an SME lending platform with Provenir. Our advanced risk and data analytics solution helps you overcome digital decisioning challenges such as talent shortages, delays in deploying credit risk models, accessing and using internal and external data sources, generating instant decisions, and many more.


  • Is a low-code solution—empower business users to make changes
    Increase business agility with business-friendly configuration tools to create and change processes for each segment of the SME market, enabling an immediate response to new business opportunities, competitive challenges, and regulatory changes.
  • Is model agnostic—deploy models in any analytics language
    Improve compliance and eliminate model rewriting delays with Provenir’s model agnostic platform. Build, test, and operationalize risk models developed in virtually any analytics tool—including SAS, Excel, Python, and R.
  • Simplifies data source integration—access data when you need it
    Simplify data source integration to easily gather business information with Provenir’s integration adaptor. The simple drag and drop data mapping solution empowers business users to quickly manage data sources.
  • Puts you in control of your risk strategy—no vendor dependence
    Processes and integrations within the Provenir Platform can be fully managed and updated by your team. You’re not reliant on Provenir for changes, which means you can mitigate risk more easily!
  • Is scalable—future proof your investment The Platform will scale and adapt to fit your growing and evolving business needs.
    Quickly operationalize new product verticals, plan for peak periods, invest in a product that grows with your business.
  • Powers due diligence—automatically funnel applications through the right process
    Reduce time and costs for conducting due diligence with automated data enrichment and decisioning that automatically determines current risk levels and recommends the next best actions for each customer and loan.
  • Improve efficiency—automate decisioning processes
    Automate complex processes including SME credit risk scoring, KYC checks, loan pricing, and application decisioning. The Provenir Platform can process thousands of loans applications in real-time and can flag high risk loans and applications that need additional attention, empowering your business to focus resources on the areas where human intervention adds most business value.

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