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Thank you: Why Size Matters in Merchant Onboarding

We hope you find the Why Size Matters in Merchant Onboarding whitepaper valuable in your search of a merchant onboarding automation solution.

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If You Can’t Onboard Your Merchants in Minutes, Your Competitors Can

For many acquirers, this can be a three to five day activity. Perhaps this wouldn’t be a problem if merchants had the patience to wait days to be approved and activated. But that is no longer the case. Merchants now expect immediate response, demanding the ability to sign up and be approved for cards acceptance in a few minutes-just like end-customers who can apply for a credit card and get instant approval. […]  Read More >>

Two Capabilities to Look for in a Merchant Onboarding Solution

The merchant onboarding process is often manual and time-consuming. It involves acquiring, analysing and integrating large volumes of data. If data or knowledge of the merchant is lacking then identity can’t be validated. For this reason, merchants have to go through a lengthy and complex process of proving their corporate identity, reliability, history and more. Read More >>

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