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Dynamic Personality Data for BNPL and SME Credit Decisioning

Key Benefits

  • Increase your acceptance rate up to 40%. Incorporating personality data will enhance your scorecards with insights on customer segments like next-gen consumers, newcomers to the country, and small businesses, enabling more accurate predictions and access to previously untapped customer segments.
  • Seamless customer journey, low-tech integration, real-time insights. Our JavaScript plugin, integrated into your customer onboarding process, gathers data from various touchpoints and provides information, profiles, and decisions. A 24/7 dashboard offers real-time insights into the funnel, comprehensive customer data, alerts, and model performance.

“AdviceRobo is an innovative partner supporting us with their psychometric credit scoring. Our cooperation really adds value to our business. They are a great bunch of people. We are happy to team up with them and benefit from their knowledge.”


AI-Driven Solutions to Improve Your Underwriting

AdviceRobo mission is to responsibly promote financial inclusion for the next generation, globally. Younger generations possess unique attributes such as digital fluency, strong entrepreneurial spirit, and a commitment to sustainability, often overlooked by traditional financial methods. To bridge this gap, we’ve crafted an advanced data collection tool tailored for next-gen traits and behaviors.

This tool serves as the foundation for our sophisticated analytical solutions, integrating cutting-edge AI, all while upholding ethical standards and respecting privacy within the regulatory framework. Our solutions empower you to exercise greater control with automated customer data enrichment and seamless data automation through our automatic data pipelines. We also offer innovative modeling and scorecards, in addition to assisting your team in developing customized scorecards. By embracing these solutions, you can embrace the future of financial inclusion and cater to the unique needs of the next generation.


About AdviceRobo Services

  • Proprietary Personality Data:

    Psychometric data

    Digital footprint data

    Biometric data

    Demographic data

  • Profiles and Scores:

    Life-centric profile

    Financial health profile

    Life-centric credit score

    Other risk scores

  • Custom Solutions:

    Score card development

    Model development

    Design AI strategies and roadmaps for and with boards and management

    Education and training on AI for co-workers

  • Regions Supported: