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AI foresee

AIForesee – Pioneering Innovative MSME Score for the Productive Segment

Key Benefits

  • Proprietary Machine Learning Algorithm Catered for the MSME Segment. AIForesee was born to solve the underserved/unbanked productive segment’s pain points (i.e. the Micro, Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)) by providing additional insights for risk assessment in making credit decisions. ‘Productive’ is in Our DNA.
  • Acting as the ‘Data Hub’ for your Organization’s Efficiency. Having the Productive segment as our DNA, AIForesee developed our products by integrating with various alternative data sources. Consequently, you could ride-on what AIForesee has integrated as your ‘data enrichment one-stop-service’.

AIForesee – Pioneering MSMEs Innovative Credit Score

As an innovative credit score company that focuses on supporting lending institutions that target the productive segment (i.e. MSMEs), AIForesee aggregates alternative data sources (i.e. telco data, social media data, payment-related data, etc.) and processes them with our proprietary scoring engine by leveraging machine-learning algorithms. Our product consists of AIForesee’s Gen-Score that targets micro/small entrepreneurs (i.e. sole-proprietorships/individuals businesses) as well as small/medium enterprises (i.e. limited-liability companies).  In addition to that, we are also able to provide a bespoke/tailor-made approach based on our client’s needs and enable data-enrichment initiative by leveraging our integration points.

Currently, our services have been used by a variety of clientele, ranging from digital banks, peer-to-peer lending companies, rural banks, etc. For more info, contact [email protected].

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About AIForesee Services

  • Generic Score Product:

    Gen-Score Biz

    Gen-Score Retail

  • Data Aggregation Features:


    Social Media

    Compliance-Related Product

    Business Profile Insights

    Tax-Related Insights


  • Project:

    Join Development for Bespoke Model

  • Countries Supported: