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Alternative Data:
The Catalyst for Financial Inclusion

Addressing financial inclusion is a priority for many fintechs and financial services providers: there are almost 6 million unbanked households in the US alone. 

This large population of unbanked individuals represents significant growth for innovative organizations, but the reliance on traditional financial data makes it difficult to evaluate creditworthiness for those with thin or nonexistent files.  

To make financial services available to the unbanked and underbanked populations, alternative data provides new insights to support credit decisions while also detecting fraud.

Join this panel of experts for a discussion on how to harness the power of alternative data to catalyze financial inclusion and expand your customer base, without increasing risk.

Topics include:

  • The gaps using only traditional data leaves in determining credit risk
  • How alternative data can catalyze financial inclusion while reducing risk and fraud
  • The role of alternative data in the larger picture of tech-enabled financial inclusion
  • How alternative data opens opportunities for market expansion
  • Actionable steps you can take to incorporate alternative data into your decisioning


Kathy Stares

EVP Americas, Provenir

Erin Allard

General Manager, Prism Data

Mia Huntington

Head of BNPL/POS Lending, US Bank


Todd Anderson

Chief Content Officer, Fintech Nexus


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