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Unlock the Future of Open Finance

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate access to Open Banking. Basiq has been helping organizations access and use financial data since 2017. Basiq helps organizations determine a suitable CDR access model and provides a platform with all of the tools to consume Open Banking data in a CDR compliant way.
  • Data and payments in a single platform. Securely access powerful data insights and execute payments via a single platform. The addition of financial data to payments provides essential information about a consumer’s financial situation, opening doors to a whole new world of solutions to make finance easier.

“Open Banking helps us to harness an even better customer experience and great data insights for
smarter and more responsible lending. With scraping inconsistencies, our focus is on future proofing our business to ensure we can always service our customers in a reliable and secure way.”


Basiq, the Leading Open Finance API Platform

At Basiq, our vision is Making Finance Easy. Finance is complex and it can be hard for consumers to make informed financial decisions. We see a world where consumers are empowered to make smarter financial decisions and to engage with their finances in new and unique ways.

Basiq enables this by providing an Open Finance API platform for businesses to build innovative financial solutions. Our partners include some of the fastest-growing fintechs and banks in the region. As the building blocks of financial services, the platform facilitates the relationship between fintechs and consumers by enabling access to consented financial data from 130+ financial institutions and executing payments.

Backed by Reinventure, NAB Ventures, Plaid, Touch Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and Visa, over 200 fintechs rely on the Basiq platform to deliver solutions to market.


About Basiq

  • Services:

    Connect – Access account and transaction data in real-time

    Enrich – Enhance transactions with merchant data

    Affordability – Gain deep insight of your customer’s finances

    Payments – Execute payments through the Basiq platform

    CDR Open Banking – Acquire and use Open Banking data in a CDR compliant way

  • Countries Supported:


    New Zealand