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Employment, Incomes and Debt Data Access in Real-Time

Key Benefits

  • Real-time and secured data capturing for your journeys. Makes it easy for your customers to grant you access to their private area of available Public Authorities to directly gather the documents and data required to apply for a loan, a mortgage, buy a car, get digitally onboarded in your banking app, or subscribe for an insurance. Get secured access to employment, incomes, debt/risk and other relevant data for one-time or recurrent use cases in a single flow.
  • Increase conversion while cutting your costs down. By adding our solution to your application/underwriting/subscription flows, you will get all the necessary documentation and data needed in just one step (making your conversion going up) and you will be able to directly use it within the Provenir solution to automate the whole process with no humans involved.

Frictionless Data Capturing and Processing

Bankflip is the tech solution to seamlessly collect employment, incomes, debt/risk, and other relevant data of your end-users to supercharge your products and solutions.

Bankflip services allow your company to collect user financial data on a permission basis. It has been designed with a special obsession on end-user experience (UX) and developer experience (DevX) to ensure the best possible usability and the easiest integration.

Supercharge onboarding for your banking app, underwriting for a loan or a mortgage, employment verification for your KYC, among other use cases with real-time, standardized and reliable data directly collected from the private area of Public Authorities.


About Bankflip

  • Services:

    Dynamic login into the private area of Public Authorities (Tax Authority “AEAT”, Social Security “Seguridad Social”, Traffic Authority “DGT”, …) via Cl@ve and phone number registered

    Automatically collect all the documents you need in only one connection (cross-authority authentication)

    Verified by default: documents are collected directly from the source

    Documents converted into data (JSON)

    Manual documents uploaded are tagged, verified and converted into data

  • Countries Supported: