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The Leading Open Finance API Platform in Latin America

Key Benefits

  • Best-in-class Open Finance data aggregation and enrichment. Belvo provides the most far-reaching and robust financial API in the Latin American market, connecting and enriching data from +90% of bank accounts in the region as well as tax authorities, and gig economy companies.
  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance standards for Open Finance. Belvo uses state-of-the-art protocols and follows regulatory best practices to protect the security and privacy of their customers and was the first Open Finance API platform in Latin America to obtain an ISO 27001 certification.

“Thanks to Belvo, we were able to reduce Facio’s credit risk by 50%. We see Belvo as a partner for all open banking possibilities.”


Unlock the Power of Open Finance in Latin America

Belvo is the leading Open Finance API platform in Latin America. The company enables innovative financial institutions and fintechs to access and interpret their users’ financial data to create more modern, efficient, and inclusive products. Belvo’s API currently provides connections with over 60 financial institutions in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia and the firm already works with more than 150 clients, including some of the region’s fastest-growing leading financial companies across all verticals such as financial institutions, neobanks, credit providers, and personal finance management tools. These companies use Belvo’s Open Finance technology and platform to build reliable and secure connections with their end-users financial data, as well as interpret and enrich this information thanks to state-of-the-art machine learning models and advanced analytics to launch innovative financial services. 


About Belvo

  • Services:

    Banking data aggregation API

    Fiscal data aggregation API

    Gig economy data aggregation API

    Investments data aggregation API

    Receivables data aggregation API

    Regulated Open Finance aggregation API

    Income verification API

    Recurrent expenses API

    Risk Insights API

    Transaction categorization API

  • Countries Supported: