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Cedar Rose

cedar rose

Global Business Intelligence and Compliance Solutions for Fast Client Onboarding

Key Benefits

  • Access to over 150 million entities in over 230 countries. Gain real-time access to one of the world’s largest corporate and legal entity databases. Reduce onboarding costs, identify and stop fraud, prevent financial and reputational losses, avoid non-compliance penalties and combat financial crime such as money laundering and terrorism financing.
  • Create valuable opportunities and sustainable long-term business relationships. Identify and onboard new customers, partners or investors seamlessly through our identification and compliance management solutions. For existing business relationships, our solutions can help monitor any changes and provide critical alerts like bankruptcies, liquidation, and change of ownership.

“The range of projects has covered almost every possible due diligence requirement, from the most basic documentation verification to some of the most challenging individual profiles. Cedar Rose has always performed to the highest standards of expertise.”


Building Trust, Driving Smart Decisions

Cedar Rose provides high-quality credit risk reporting and analysis, business intelligence and investigative due diligence on companies across the world.

Our core belief is simple: by facilitating trust, we can help our clients create valuable opportunities and sustainable long-term business relationships. With unparalleled access to solid, reliable information on your business partners, transactions can be made safer and more secure so your company can continue to grow with confidence.

With our state-of-the-art AI-powered processes and technology to capture, edit and present information, we deliver reports that are reliable and complete, quickly. Our services include company credit reports, full due diligence, electronic identity verification (KYC and KYB), compliance checks, and many other risk analysis and verification solutions.


About Cedar Rose

  • Services:

    Company credit reports

    Due Diligence Reports (Individual and Company)

    Electronic Identity Verification (KYC and KYB)

    Automated Compliance Screening

    Global Sanctions and Watchlists Checks

    PEP Screening

    Adverse Media Checks

    Data Sets

    Marketing Lists

  • Regions Supported:



    Middle East




    North America

    South America