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Centrix – Credit Bureau of New Zealand

Key Benefits

  • Consumer Credit Reports: Make better lending decisions. Backed by New Zealand’s largest credit database, Centrix credit reports help you reduce risk when lending to consumers. Centrix consumer credit reports include an easy-to-read credit score, repayment history and driver license verification.
  • Business Credit Reports. Centrix credit reports help you reduce risk when lending to businesses with an easy-to-read credit score. Business credit reports help you manage your cashflow and reduce lending and payment risk with customers and suppliers.

“Data from Centrix enables us to maximise the information on a customer’s credit file, through its strong positive credit reporting solutions. That enables us to simplify the application process for our customers. The comprehensiveness of Centrix information helps prevent fraudulent applications, non-disclosure, and gives us greater comfort from a credit risk perspective.”


Centrix is New Zealand’s local credit bureau, helping Kiwi businesses of all sizes help make more informed business decisions. Centrix credit checking and identity verification services allow decision makers to make quick and confident risk assessments and comply with the latest regulations.

Centrix business reports help you reduce risk when making decisions about who to do business with – customers, suppliers, and even employees. Keep track of those that owe you money and get alerts when their financial position changes.

Centrix holds the most comprehensive consumer credit information database in New Zealand – with credit information for over 4 million Kiwi consumers as well as a commercial bureau with information about NZ Companies and business accounts.


About Centrix

  • Services:

    Business Credit Reports – Manage your cashflow and reduce lending and payment risk.

    Consumer Credit Reports – View a consumer’s credit score, repayment history and driver license verification.

    Comprehensive Credit Reports (CCR) – View defaults, enquiries, any company affiliations an individual has and insolvency records.

    Fraud & Identify Verification – SmartID simplifies AML and ID verifications while reducing fraud. SmartID with biometrics allows you to digitally verify the identiy of your customers.

    Beneficial Ownership Checks – Cut through complex company ownership structures with ease to identify beneficial owners and remain compliant with legislation.

    Vehicle Ownership Checks – View claims, vehicle ownership and registration.

    Tenancy Credit Checks – View Tenancy Tribunal files and an easy-to-read credit score with the click of a button.

    Personal Properties Securities Register – Manage security interests and improve your chances of recovering debt by registering your security interest.

    Credit Data Analytics – Use Centric analytics capability to gain market intelligence on customer risk profiles.

    Portfolio Healthchecks – Determine the health of your accounts and risks, optimise your sales and growth strategies, and be alerted to credit score changes as they happen.

    Alerts Monitoring – Know about changes to your customers’ financial position as they happen and avoid risk to your cash flow with tailored alerts.

    SmartLink Credit Reporting – Backed by information from multiple credit bureaus, SmartLink enables you to make more informed, prompt credit decisions.

  • Regions Supported:

    • New Zealand
    • APAC