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Make Faster, More Accurate SMB Credit Decisions

Key Benefits

  • Get smarter insights and a 360° view of your small business customers’ financial health. Assess enriches your customers’ real-time accounting, commerce, and banking data and surfaces intelligent insights you didn’t have before. Assess enriches your SMB customers’ data and produces actionable insights to help you underwrite better.
  • Say yes and launch new products faster. Simple and quick data sharing for business customers. SMB data in the right format, ready to be plugged into credit models. Access to real-time data with the ratios and metrics you need to launch new products faster.

“Accounting data is a critical part in making the best investment decisions for Clearco’s customers. Codat’s API allows us to quickly assess accuracy and risk while at the same time maintain our streamlined application process.”


Codat is the Universal API for Small Business Data

Codat helps banks build deeper connections with business customers.

We offer products that make it easy to access, synchronize, and interpret data from customers’ financial software for specific use cases, such as onboarding suppliers to commercial card programs and underwriting business loans.

Codat is used by the largest banks in the world to grow share of wallet, reduce churn & scale their operations. We are backed by leading investors including JP Morgan, Canapi Ventures, Shopify, Plaid, Tiger Global, PayPal Ventures, Index Ventures, and American Express Ventures.


About Codat

  • Standardized Integrations:

    Accounting API – Connect to your SMB customers’ accounting data

    Commerce API – Connect to your SMB customers’ commerce data

    Open Banking API – Connect to your SMB customers’ banking data

  • Automate Reconciliation:

    Sync for Commerce – Embedded accounting integrations for PoS and eCommerce platforms

    Sync for Expenses – Embedded accounting integrations for corporate card providers

  • Regions Supported: