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Make Informed Decisions About Credit Risk, Fraud and Marketing

Key Benefits

  • Embedded scores from smartphone and web behavioral metadata. Credolab develops credit and fraud scores based on mobile and web-behavioral metadata to help banks and lenders take a new approach to assessing risk, detecting fraud and approving more customers and more confidently.
  • Non-personal metadata. Credolab uses non-intrusive and anonymous metadata to score customers. We are in full compliance with local data privacy laws, as well as GDPR and the CCPA. Our goal is to protect a customer’s privacy while empowering them financially.

“With credolab, we are now focusing on making our application and underwriting process more efficient so that we can extend credit to a broader market without compromising on our cost of risk.”


About credolab

Credolab is a growing B2B SaaS Fintech that develops bank-grade digital scorecards built on mobile devices and online web behavioural metadata. Our pay-per-use solutions are available to banks and neobanks, digital lenders and BNPL players, insurance companies, and any industry at the intersection with financial services (e-commerce, ride-hailing apps, travel, retailers). Established in 2016 in Singapore with offices in Miami, London and a distributed team across Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Dubai, Jakarta, Manila, Bangalore, Sydney, and Nairobi, credolab has 120+ clients including well-known fintech companies and unicorns, in over 30+ countries.


About Credolab

  • Services:

    CredoSDK: Assesses risk, early defaults, device velocity, and enrich marketing segmentation data of any of your Android and iOS mobile app users

    CredoWeb: Assesses risk and detect early defaults of any applicant based on the analysis of their keystroke patterns and web device metadata

  • Regions Supported:

    • APAC
    • India
    • LATAM
    • EMEA
    • USA