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CRiskCo – Open Accounting API

Key Benefits

  • Single API to gain Financial & Accounting aggregate data. Automated financial spreading including calculating key financial ratios (DSO, Quick Ratio, Debt Ratio), with 60 seconds of client onboarding time and real-time financial alerts.
  • Increasing financial visibility and lowering risk exposure. Enabling SMBs and professional credit providers to better evaluate the credibility of their business customers, detect fraud and prevent future credit failures.

“CRiskCo enables us to leverage off additional financial data, streamline our processes and make faster decisions, resulting in better outcomes for our clients and us.”


Single API to Gain Financial and Accounting Data

CRiskCo platform aids the customer by providing automated financial insights, credit reports, and ongoing monitoring, measuring, and alerting on their clients’ financial health.

CRiskCo collects financial data straight from the source, from the accounting systems of the business or alternative resources (e.g. SAT in Mexico). Based on the client’s customer journey and requirements, data can be collected from one or more resources. CRiskCo then standardizes the data and runs predictive analytics to generate a real-time risk score and financial health alerts.

The ease of use, the standardized reporting and advanced Risk report assist our clients in evaluating commercial credit applications and monitoring the financial health of customers throughout the trade credit life cycle.


About CRiskCo

  • Services:

    CRiskCo Approve

  • Countries Supported:

    • Mexico
    • United States
    • Australia
    • United Kingdom
    • Israel