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Automating Risk Decisioning to Increase Market Reach

  • Facilitated e-commerce market expansion into Denmark with efficient, standardized process for credit decisioning, completing the launch in less than six months.
  • Quickly integrated with the bank’s existing e-commerce Web platform, and multiple internal and external systems including Experian and Dun & Bradstreet.
  • Reduced costs and time to market by enabling credit department staff to update and deploy credit risk models built in SAS, eliminating the need for IT resources.

“We found that Provenir outperformed their competitors in the areas where we sought excellence – time to market, functionality, flexibility and technology. With the Provenir solution we will be able to consolidate the systems supporting credit decisions across our whole group onto one platform.”


The Challenge

With several acquisitions and plans to enter the Danish e-commerce market, Resurs Bank decided it needed a risk decisioning solution that would support growth and deliver faster response to customers. In particular, the bank wanted to create a uniform credit approval process, make better use of information about customer behavior and enhance its e-commerce experience. It also wanted to increase business agility by eliminating the need for IT assistance whenever credit scoring models required changes.

The Solution

In less than six months, Resurs Bank configured and deployed a new digital credit decisioning solution in Denmark, including integration with the e-commerce platform as well as Experian and Dun & Bradstreet. Provenir is now automating credit scoring and decisioning for an initial two Danish retail partners. “We are very pleased with how quickly Provenir can execute a decision,” says Johan Ljungström, Program Manager at the bank. In addition, the credit department can now make changes to its SAS risk models and re-deploy them within the automated decisioning process without any IT assistance.

Resurs Bank is planning to roll out the new solution to the rest of its markets, including Sweden, Norway and Finland, starting in the fall of 2016. Over time, the bank will be able to use the solution to improve customer pre-selection targeting through more effective use of internal data. In addition, Resurs Bank will further reduce costs and enter new markets more quickly with a single platform for credit decisioning across all of its businesses.

Why Provenir

The Provenir Risk Analytics and Decisioning Platform offers a unified digital credit decision solution, including credit scoring, that Resurs Bank can use across all of its credit and lending products. The bank recognized that it could easily integrate Provenir with its existing e-commerce Web platform, internal databases and external systems and bureaus. “With the Provenir solution, we are able to consolidate the systems supporting credit decisions across our whole group onto one platform. We forecast significant growth in our transaction volumes in the future and Provenir, as best in class, is central to achieving this growth,”  says Fredrik Ridaeus, Resurs Bank’s Nordic Credit Manager.

About Resurs Bank

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    Resurs Bank specializes in providing e-commerce financing, consumer credit, unsecured loans and credit cards in the Nordic region.

    Collaborates with over 1,400 retail partners and 25,000 stores

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