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Provenir Data

Any data, anywhere, on-demand — One API.

One contract

Simplify your data supply chain with integrations to a wide range of data and insights–all managed through one contract.


Use a single API to connect to all of the data and insights you need to make smarter decisions across identity, fraud, and credit.

Faster launches

Access and use local and global data sources across decisioning workflows in minutes to get new products to market faster.

Data-as-a-service: The future of data consumption.

You need the right data at the right time to decision, strategize and make smarter business choices. But selecting, accessing, and using data can be a time-consuming challenge. Provenir Data lets your business take control of data all from one centralized, easy-to-access global data platform.

How is Provenir Data different from other data solutions? It’s simple, we created Provenir Data specifically to simplify the data supply chain for you, a financial services provider. The data and insights are purposely curated to enhance decisioning across identity, credit, and fraud. And the best bit is that it’s all accessed and managed through a single API and just one contract, making it easy to simplify your data strategy.

With our Data-as-a-Service solution, you get simplified data access, fully maintained integrations, and access to a wide variety of traditional and alternative data and insights — so you have the data you need to make smarter decisions across the whole customer lifecycle.

Integrated Global Fintech Data Platform

Explore global and regional data sources covering identity, verification, open banking, bureaus, fraud, mobile, business, device, alternative, and more. Accelerate and enhance your local and global data strategies with any data, anywhere, on-demand.

Data Ecosystem Vertical


Unleash the power of data.

Provenir Data makes powering your global and regional data strategies a breeze. With simplified access to the right data and insights, you get all the benefits of data, without the integration headaches and maintenance costs.

Simplify Your Data Supply Chain

Accelerate your data strategy with a purpose built data platform for financial services organizations. Eliminate the time and costs of finding, contracting, and integrating with multiple data and insights vendors with Provenir’s one-stop solution for all of your data needs across the customer lifecycle.

  • Simplify your data supply chain with all data accessed and managed through a single contract
  • Benefit from a range of data options purpose curated for financial services providers
  • Choose from vetted data sources to enhance decisioning across identity, fraud, and credit

Enhance decisioning

We offer Provenir Data as a standalone solution or hand-in-hand with Provenir Decisioning. So, whether you’re an existing client or new to Provenir, Provenir Data is easily accessible and usable to enhance decisioning across the customer lifecycle.

  • Select data sources and insights from our no-code/low-code UI
  • Drag and drop data into your Provenir Decisioning processes
  • Or use our single API to integrate data into your decisioning technology
  • Integrate data from multiple sources through a single API, RESTful requests maximize flexibility and compatibility with decisioning processes
  • Benefit from a richer range of curated data sources to power smarter decisioning

Reduce costs

Reduce time and data integration costs with fully maintained API integrations. Use preconfigured integrations to connect to a wide variety of data sources in minutes using our no-code, business user friendly UI. Our Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) tools empower your team to integrate data — without unnecessary development or maintenance costs.

  • Expedite data integrations
  • Eliminate API maintenance costs for integrations
  • Reduce development team burden

Scale + grow

Whether you’re a startup looking to disrupt the industry or an established business enhancing your data strategy, Provenir Data has you covered. You can start small with essential data and add in data sources as your decisioning strategy gets more complex. Or, launch in full force with a wide range of data to support enhanced decisioning processes.

  • Scale on your timeline with a future-proof global data platform
  • Support multiple financial services products with a single data solution
  • Drive decisioning enhancement with an advancing data strategy

Access exclusive data solutions

Provenir Data is home to an exclusive range of Insights APIs and risk scores developed internally by our team of industry experts. Powered by a combination of alternative data, decisioning results, and AI, our data solutions offer an accurate and reliable solution for financial services providers.

  • Insights APIs combine the best insights from a variety of data sources to help you focus on the right data to make the right decision
  • Solutions for the USA, Mexico and 14 European countries currently available
  • Coming 2023: Risk scores take our insights APIs one step further for those who are looking for a ready to use decisioning score across identity, fraud, and credit

Adapt + respond

In a digital-first world, your data needs can evolve in a heartbeat. You need the data agility to manage new risks, explore new opportunities and respond to changes faster. The combination of Provenir Data plus Marketplace make it quick and easy for you to create your data ecosystem in one place.

  • Do you need data not currently available through the Provenir Data UI? Use the Provenir Marketplace to select from a range of preconfigured integrations with our data partners.

Our global data platform makes us unique. Our results make you stand out.

Telia logo

“Provenir empowers the Telia Finance team to create and change credit offerings independently, process customer applications in seconds, and easily integrate to multiple data sources for better quality decisioning.”

Fredrik Nilsson, Credit Manager, Telia
GM logo

“We have deep insight into every application and contract as we can instantly get real-time information whenever we need it.”

Jeff Lively, VP of Dealer Services, GM Financial

“The flexibility of Provenir allows us to create our own risk decisioning workflows that can easily connect with any data source.”

Andy Dodd, Managing Director, Novuna Capital
Rent-a-center logo

“Any changes that we need to make, any adjustments, those are things that we can make very rapidly without having to go to IT with change requests. With that freedom, we are always reviewing to ensure our models are optimal.”

Jonathan Klingler, Director of Risk and Decision Analytics for Rent-A-Center
SoFi Logo Dark

“The flexibility and ease of use of the Provenir platform allowed us to complete a very complex project in record time with nearly half as many resources and over a 50% cost reduction.”

Gabriel Grynsztein, Strategy Lead, Risk Infrastructure

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