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Data on Demand

Data on demand

ID.VU – Personal Data to Identify Vulnerable Consumers

Key Benefits

  • Identify Vulnerable Consumers to Meet Regulatory Requirements. The FCA published four key drivers of vulnerability and has defined the characteristics of a vulnerable person. ID.VU maps back those characteristics to score individual consumers as Highly Vulnerable, Currently Vulnerable or with Historic Vulnerability.
  • Identify Vulnerable Consumers to Lower Your Credit Risk and Create Better Outcomes. The solution allows businesses to identify and manage credit risk, prevent over-indebtedness, provide help to the customers most at risk of harm and meet their obligations to the regulators.

Identification. Verification. Communication.

Data On Demand builds consumer data products and solutions for service providers and end-users. We help organizations improve their understanding of their customers to enable better consumer outcomes.

We are well established as a provider of alternative data solutions to consumer debt collection companies in the UK who use our FIN.TRACE and RES.ID solutions. We provide 4.ID to global organisations who operate identity verification services for businesses with UK consumers.

Our ID.VU solution was created in July 2020 as a response to the pandemic and the changes in regulatory requirements for firms to identify vulnerable customers.


About Data on Demand

  • Services:

    ID.VU – uses data from high-cost, short-term loan applications and the Vulnerability Registration Service to identify financially stressed individuals.

    4.ID – aggregates over 73 million individual data records to help users improve customer onboarding and fraud.

  • Countries Supported:

    United Kingdom