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Enable Banking

enable banking

Enabling the Future of Open Banking

Key Benefits

  • Get Access to 2600+ Banks Across Europe. With our easy-to-use connectivity engine, you will be able to quickly connect to banks’ (ASPSPs’) official APIs all over Europe, without having to worry about the complexity of supporting thousands of different integrations.
  • Stay Fully in Charge of Your Customers’ Data. Sending everyday letters or parcels, most people don’t spend much time considering what delivery service to use. But what about exclusive jewellery? A painting? Your customers’ financial data is amongst the most valuable packages of information they could ever trust you with. We are the safe and secure information passageway, enabling the future of financial services – without ever using your customers’ data.

“We have a great realtionship with Enable Banking and there is a high velocity in the process. They are super nice, very helpful and professional in their way of working.”


Why Enable Banking?

Our hands-off open banking API connects you to over 2,600 European banks. With us, you can fully focus on:

  • Your Creativity: Never worry about connectivity again. Create innovative cross-border solutions on your own terms.
  • Your Expansion: Expand internationally and scale your business. We’re constantly growing too!
  • Your Data: Your data is yours to use as you please, with complete confidence that your data provider will never tamper or use it in any way.
  • Your Risks: Leverage our APIs – e.g. for credit scoring purposes – in order to proactively manage credit risks.


About Enable Banking

  • Services:

    • PSD2 AIS APIs
    • Banking API
    • Credit Rating
    • Automated Bookkeeping
    • Cloud-Native Core Banking
    • And More
  • Regions Supported:

    • EMEA
    • EEA