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Finagraph’s Strongbox Product Provides Decision-Ready Financial Intelligence from Business Accounting systems

Key Benefits

  • A simple connection experience for your customers. With APIs, the ready-for-use Strongbox widget, or a white-label experience, Strongbox makes it easy for your business customers to connect their accounting system for initial underwriting or loan monitoring.
  • Instant, decision-ready outputs for your credit team. Strongbox’s intelligent data pipeline transforms data with over 40 unique operations across four categories: normalization, validation, enrichment, utilization. The result is ready-to-use, reliable data outputs that can go right into your decisioning model.

“Strongbox is a breakthrough tool we use to better understand customers and deepen that relationship by providing a secure, simple, and easy way for customers to share their information.”


Strongbox Transforms Data into Actionable Intelligence

When a lender wants to improve underwriting speed and loan portfolio performance, they turn to Strongbox.

Through a seamless connection process, borrowers can instantly send all financial statement data required for initial loan underwriting or ongoing monitoring.

Inside the Strongbox Intelligent Data Pipeline, each set of financials is standardized to your unique financial statement presentation, validated and enriched with lending metrics and trend analysis in seconds.

Lenders across the world trust Strongbox to consistently deliver quality financial data to protect their portfolio and grow margins and the bottom line.

Strongbox is built by the Finagraph, a team with 11 years of experience decoding accounting system data and working with lenders to build outputs that are decision-ready and have a high-impact for credit and risk teams.


About Finagraph

  • Services:

    • Accounting System Connections – Integrations with the most commonly used systems by SMBs.
    • Data validation – A comprehensive set of 50+ checks to uncover missing or questionable financial data.
    • Intelligent Mapping – Business financial statements automatically mapped to your configured chart-of-accounts.
    • Comprehensive Analysis – Ratios, trending, vertical + horizontal analysis, cash flow, and more.
    • Cash Flow – A detailed cash flow statement and analysis built from transaction-level data to analyze risk.
    • TaxReader Add-on – In addition to accounting system data, accept borrower tax returns (business or personal) auto-mapped for decisioning.
    • Concierge-level support – Our team is dedicated to your success, providing implementation assistance, support, and training.
  • Countries Supported:

    • United States
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • New Zealand