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Financial Inclusion & Alternative Data in LATAM

Allison Karavos
January 7, 2021

Expert Insights into 2020 Wins & Improvements

Leading experts in the Latin American fintech ecosystem, are joining us to provide their perspectives about one of the most important issues facing the financial industry during these challenging times—financial inclusion and the use of alternative data.

Provenir and CredoLab present the eBook: “Financial Inclusion & Alternative Data in Latam – expert insights into 2020 wins and improvements” to explore:

  • How the fintech industry has transformed during the past year
  • The opportunities 2021 brings in the area of financial inclusion.

Through the expertise of recognized financial experts in the region, the eBook explores how traditional banks and financial companies have readjusted their credit scoring and how they can help power financial and social inclusion.

Read insights from:

Ignacio Carballo, Research Economist, and Director Fintech Ecosystem & Digital Banking at UCA

Marcel Van Oost, Financial Advisor and Fintech Startup Founder with the collaboration of Marcial Gonzalez Fraga, Fintech Investor

Clementina Giraldo, Dots & Tech CEO & Founder

Bruno Diniz, Fintech Advisor, Managing Partner at Spiralem and Book Author: “The Fintech phenomenon”

Sebastián Olivera, Montevideo Fintech Forum Founder and WeFintech Co-Founder, the Iberoamerican
Women Network

Read the full insights:

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