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Data that Supports Your Best Decisions

Key Benefits

  • Spanish and Portuguese company information. Full database of Iberian companies and sole traders. Access to all relevant information about Spanish and Portuguese entities: financial statements, decision making, credit ratings, credit limits, contact information, and more.
  • Proprietary and curated database of exclusive information. There is plenty of valuable information only available inside the company. Iberinform has been collecting that information for almost 50 years: export operations, line managers, key providers, key customers, bank relations.

“Our data and segmentation possibilities provide for high yielding marketing campaigns.”


Tech It Easy, Technology Makes Data Usage Easy

Established in 1975, Iberinform has pivoted its business model and become a truly digital and data driven product provider without losing its core value of providing fresh investigated information carefully sourced and curated.

2016 was an important year for Iberinform, as well as it was back then when the purchase of the Portuguese operation took place. Iberinform Portugal was founded in 1946 so we have over 130 years of combined expertise when it comes to managing data and information.

Nowadays, Iberinform boasts a full range of B2B datasets covering the needs of a wide array of customers. SMEs, sole traders, developers, fintechs and listed companies are among Iberinform’ s customer portfolio.


About Iberinform

  • Services:

    • Marketing databases
    • Financial statements
    • Credit scores
    • Credit limits
    • Contact information
    • Insight View, cloud-based analytics solution
    • International trade detailed information on exporters, importers
    • API connection
    • XML connection
  • Regions Supported:

    • Global
    • EMEA
    • Spain
    • Portugal