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Real-Time Identity and Address Verification across any customer channel

Key Benefits

  • Compliant by design. Fully customizable. The best of both worlds: An out-of-the-box solution available as an API/SDK. Integrate seamlessly with existing KYC/KYB processes. Customize every touchpoint for your AML and KYC process in a branded business portal.
  • Simple, seamless and secure. Delight users with a seamless onboarding experience. Enable real-time decision-making for your team. Prioritize high-risk submissions and remove bad actors sooner using a multi-layered verification solution that verifies both identities and addresses in seconds.

“With a relentless focus on continuously improving our customer experience, we look forward to continuing to work together with ID-Pal to further enhance our on-boarding experience, bringing efficiencies to our clients and partners whilst also achieving our regulatory compliance objectives.”


Identify Verification. Made Simple.

ID-Pal enables the seamless exchange of trusted identities anytime, anywhere. For your business, it gives confidence in decisions made while saving time and money from the efficiencies delivered.  Our use of biometrics, AI and database checks offer the easiest and fastest way to a robustly verify an identity.

ID-Pal delivers:

  • A seamless user experience that enables a customer to verify their identity credentials in real-time across any channel, simply and securely.
  • Robust multi-layered verification of an individual’s identity and address, with fraud prevention and data protection best practices integrated into every step of the journey.
  • Accelerated digital transformation with a solution that maximizes customer conversion rates whilst preventing fraud at source during onboarding – a key component of a compliance framework.


About ID-Pal

  • Services:

    • Identity & Address Verification: Industry-leading Biometric, Facial and Document checks.
    • Global Coverage: 6000+ Identity Documents and 200+ Verified Address Data Sources.
    • Onboarding Efficiencies: Automated decisioning, dynamic workflows for streamlined exceptions process.
    • Built-in Compliance: Best Practice AML & GDPR compliance built into every step of the journey.
    • Transparent Audit Trail: Comprehensive Client Due Diligence Report automatically generated within business portal.
  • Regions Supported:

    • Global