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Trusted AI for Secure and Seamless Identity Solutions

Key Benefits

  • ID and Identity Verification. We offer versatile OCR for ID cards, business documents, payslips, utilities and more. Utilizing government data sources & AML lists, we ensure robust verification. Our video onboarding handles internet issues, while real-time feedback enhances conversions.
  • Stop Fraud with our Anti-Risk and AML Solutions. Verify in real-time with our in-house solutions. Our database can help prevent banned users, and duplicate accounts, or even enable face-based login! Run KYC + AML checks with configurable fuzziness logic, deceased flags, data sources, etc.

“IDfy plays a great role in innovations, making hit-and-try experiements possible, due to the platform’s capability to quickly conduct KYC and verification of merchants.”


IDfy Helps Businesses Connect With the Real

The digital economy runs on trust. After all, you do need to know who you’re dealing with. IDfy helps with that.

Specifically, IDfy’s video platform and many APIs help companies:

  • Identify people (does Jane Doe exist?)
  • Verify credentials (do the details belong to Jane Doe?)
  • Assess the risk of fraud (has Jane Doe committed fraud or is she likely to commit one?)
  • IDfy’s APIs use AI/ML algorithms to extract information from documents, check for tampering, verify ID details against official databases, compare faces across pictures, and run checks on criminal records.

Since its inception in 2011, IDfy has impacted more than 150 Million lives. Today, it runs 60 million plus verifications for 1300 clients across India, South East Asia, and the Middle East every month.


About IDfy

  • Services:

    Document Validation – ID cards, business documents, payslips, utilities and more

    OCR Extraction

    Government Database verification, for both individual ID card and business document verifications

    Face Match (You can check the person’s ID against their ID card uploaded IDfy also runs checks against corresponding sources/Databases)

    No-code Platform, which allows you to go live with us faster with zero friction for end users.

  • Countries Supported:

    • Indonesia
    • Philippines
    • Singapore
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Dubai
    • Egypt