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Innovative Solutions to Streamline Customer Acquisition, Deter Fraud, and Drive Revenue

Key Benefits

  • Approve More Legitimate Customers. Detecting and preventing fraud goes far beyond basic identity matching, especially in today’s threat-heavy environment. With our ExpectID® platform, you have access to more layers of physical and digital identity attributes, which enable you to see the holistic consumer identity in high resolution. And when higher levels of assurance are needed, you can dynamically escalate to additional layers of authentication while still delivering fast, automated decisions. These orchestrated layers work together seamlessly to deliver the speed, simplicity, and convenience your customers expect.
  • Unlock Stronger Fraud Intelligence. IDology’s Consortium Fraud Network amplifies real-time fraud intelligence between companies and across industries. With IDology, you can detect repeated transaction attempts or bar specific attributes associated with known fraud. And by applying machine learning to the identity verification process, supervised by IDology’s dedicated team of tenured fraud experts—your neighborhood watch for fraud, IDology is able to track suspicious activity across its vast network of customers and industries, giving you a system of defense against fraud and insight to improve decision making.
  • Get More Control and Flexibility. With criminals attempting new tricks every day, keeping pace with the rapidly changing fraud landscape is a necessity. Our on-demand ExpectID® platform is fully configurable and offers point-and-click flexibility, so you can be nimble, dynamic, and efficient in the face of evolving risk. With ExpectID®, you can fine-tune rules and settings, customize decisioning, and dynamically escalate to higher levels of verification for optimal risk and fraud protection—without burdening your IT team or compromising the smoothness of the customer experience.

IDology, the Trusted Leader in Digital Identity Verification

IDology, a GBG Company, is transforming identity verification for businesses worldwide with an innovative suite of multi-layered identity verification solutions built to drive revenue, deter fraud, and maintain compliance in a digital world. IDology leverages thousands of diverse data sources to deliver the industry’s most accurate locate results as well as actionable transparency and on-demand control over the entire identity proofing process.

By applying machine learning to identity verification, supervised by a team of fraud analysts, IDology provides thousands of businesses in multiple industries worldwide with a powerful network of defense against fraud. With frictionless secure digital identity verification, IDology helps businesses stay ahead of shifting fraud trends, while onboarding more customers faster and with confidence.

About IDology

  • Services:

    • ExpectID®
    • ExpectID® Scan Verify
    • ExpectID® IQ
    • ExpectID® Mobile Attributes
    • ExpectID® GeoTrace
    • Cross-border Identity Verification Available
  • Regions Supported:

    • Latin America
    • EMEA
    • North America