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SME Lending

It’s a world of instant everything. Why should SME loan approvals be any different?

Rapid innovation

Our no-code user interface lets you make changes in minutes and get to market faster.

Smarter decisioning

Simple data integration makes accessing and using data in your decisioning fast and easy.

Faster approvals

Sophisticated automation tools empower your business to automatically approve loans in milliseconds.

Make smarter SME lending decisions, faster.

With its high risk and high costs, traditional banks shy away from SME lending. At Provenir, we work with innovative small business lenders like you who are stepping up to take on the challenge.

While automated processes and real-time decisioning are the minimum requirements you expect from an online SME lending platform, you know you need more. You need a solution that drives risk strategy innovation. That means making changes in minutes, deploying sophisticated credit risk models without relying on vendors and accessing the right data, at the right time.


Increase SME loan approvals without increasing risks.

Industry-leading automation and integration capabilities are at the heart of the Provenir AI-Powered Decisioning Platform. We streamline every step of the lending process so you can lower origination costs, make smarter decisions and power the rapid approvals customers expect.

Easy integration

Say goodbye to the days of scattered data. Use the Provenir Marketplace and advanced integration tools to rapidly integrate with a wide variety of data sources. Plus, you can connect internal and external disparate systems to create a powerful decisioning hub.

  • Select from traditional and alternative data
  • Create integrations in minutes
  • Add data sources straight into your decisioning workflows

Eliminate recoding

Provenir’s model-agnostic platform supports rapid deployment of models developed in virtually any analytics tool including R, Python, SAS and Excel, without recoding. Our visual interface empowers your business and dev teams to collaborate, eliminating delays that slow down product launches and impede your agility.

  • Upload models in any language
  • Test within the Provenir platform
  • Operationalize in minutes

Design, don’t build

Use Provenir’s no-code platform to rapidly create, test and operationalize sophisticated decisioning workflows. The visual interface makes it easy for both technical and business users to add models, integrate data and automate decisioning.

  • Zero vendor reliance (but we’re here if you want help)
  • Make changes on your timeline
  • Reuse components for faster build times

Automate decisioning

Provenir’s digital lending platform lets you approve loans in real time with fully automated, straight-through processing. Streamlined workflows eliminate manual processing and let you focus expensive resources on high-risk applications — and other strategic growth areas for your business.

  • Reduce origination costs
  • Automate pricing and offer competitive rates
  • Build a world-class user experience

Launch at speed

We get it, you need to get new products to market faster. The visual testing within the Provenir AI-Powered Decisioning Platform lets you do just that. Rapidly test and operationalize processes directly in your web browser to mobilize new product verticals.

  • Use autoscaling to support growth
  • Launch new verticals from the same environment
  • Go live, today

Innovate + iterate

To disrupt the traditional SME lending industry, you need technology that powers innovation. Provenir is designed and built to improve collaboration, increase agility and encourage the creativity that drives your business forward.

  • Easily iterate processes and deploy changes quickly
  • Use real-time data to identify opportunities
  • Rapidly test predictions and respond to new risks

Our platform makes us unique. Our results make you stand out.

Telia logo

“Provenir empowers the Telia Finance team to create and change credit offerings independently, process customer applications in seconds, and easily integrate to multiple data sources for better quality decisioning.”

Credit Manager, Telia
GM logo

“We have deep insight into every application and contract as we can instantly get real-time information whenever we need it.”

VP of Dealer Services, GM Financial
Klarna logo

“Provenir has delivered a solution that increases our agility and responsiveness to clients. The implementation of Provenir’s software will contribute towards Klarna’s global market goals.”

CEO, North America, Klarna

“The flexibility of Provenir allows us to create our own risk decisioning workflows that can easily connect with any data source.”

Novuna Business Cash Flow

“Provenir plays a vital role in navigating this balance between compliance and speed, because it gives us the ability to orchestrate all of our scoring and compliance processes very quickly.”

CEO, Dun & Bradstreet

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