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Loan Origination Software

Software that powers business growth and agility for loan origination.

Real-time approvals:

Automate your loan origination processes for real-time digital lending approvals.

Smarter decisioning:

Simplify data integration and deploy risk models in minutes to power smarter decisioning.

Greater independence:

Empower business users to make changes in minutes with no-code, drag + drop tools.


Create loan origination experiences that drive customer loyalty.

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to keep your decisioning technology in sync with business needs? Provenir’s loan origination solution is designed to empower your team to quickly and easily take control of your risk strategy.

Integrate more data

Data integration tools make data access fast and easy. Integrate to both internal and external data sources using our Data-as-a-Service solution. Provenir Data and Marketplace lets you explore new data sources covering identity, credit, fraud, KYC, and other traditional and alternative data options.

  • Fully maintained API integrations
  • Aggregate and augment your data
  • Filter by geography, use case and data type

Automate decisioning

Our AI-Powered Decisioning Platform enables real-time, fully automated decisioning workflows. Rapidly assess credit risk with predictive models that can be uploaded and deployed into business logic without recoding.

  • Create world-class lending experiences
  • Use predictive analytics to support rapid approvals
  • Eliminate vendor and development team reliance
  • Make smarter risk decisions, faster.

Don’t build, design

You don’t need to build from the ground up to get an agile, flexible loan origination solution. Use Provenir’s AI-Powered Decisioning Platform to do the heavy lifting. Simply design and implement your decisioning processes using the no-code interface.

  • Use visual testing to quickly troubleshoot
  • Deploy faster with pre-built Case Management offerings
  • Add data integrations using the Provenir Data Marketplace

Improve collaboration

Bridge the gap between your risk, credit, analytics and development teams with visual tools that eliminate technical knowledge gaps. Empower your teams to work together on projects, encouraging the collaboration that drives your business forward.

  • Enable technical and non-technical users to work side by side
  • Support real-time iteration
  • Encourage innovation

Respond faster

Identify and react to new risks and opportunities faster. Combine the power of our Business Intelligence and Decisioning solutions to track decisioning metrics, business KPIs and model performance using real-time data.

  • Use no-code tools for rapid decisioning iteration
  • Track performance changes with pre-built reports
  • Use artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to improve decisioning accuracy

Future-proof technology

Eradicate monolithic loan origination software that limits your agility. Instead, uncover the benefits of Platform-as-a-Service technology that is designed and built to scale with your organization.

  • Fully maintained APIs make it easy to connect to any data source or system
  • No-code technology empowers self-sufficiency
  • New features keep you ahead of trends
Elevate Your Customer Experience
Accelerate digital onboarding for world-class customer experiences with dynamic automation and streamlined processes for KYB verification, AML, and risk analytics.
  • Ensure merchants meet compliance and regulatory requirements with automated decisioning flows that perform necessary compliance checks
  • Fight fraud and mitigate risk with intelligent decisioning insights across the entire customer lifecycle
  • Provide a quick and seamless customer experience with real-time approvals
  • Simplify verification with intelligent data use to reduce cost and save time
Risk Models That Evolve with the Market
Iterate your risk models as quickly as the market demands, without vendor reliance, thanks to simplified data access and a drag-and-drop UI, all powered by intelligent decisioning and insights.
  • Accurately evaluate the risk associated with each merchant with advanced risk assessment tools
  • Keep up with market changes with simplified model deployment using AutoML or third-party solutions
  • Make more accurate decisions across KYC, open banking, fraud, credit risk, and more with pre-built data integrations easily deployed across your decisioning processes
  • Access deeper fraud insights by quickly testing and deploying additional data sets
Proactively Adapt to Market Changes
Anticipate market changes, evolving regulation, and new technological capabilities with low-code decisioning tools that let business users adapt processes and integrations in real-time.
  • Embrace self-sufficiency with low-code tech that enables business users to change processes and rules in minutes, promoting vendor independence
  • Agility-friendly technology with built-in testing, simulation, and code management lets you quickly promote changes when and where you need to
  • Gain proactive AI/ML insights to ensure sure every data point is adding value to your decisions
  • Stay ahead of evolving legislation with flexible decisioning capabilities

How can we optimize your

payments risk strategy?

How can we optimize your payments risk strategy?

Discover where we help and when we’re used.

Credit Risk Onboarding

Seamless credit risk onboarding for merchants and customers.

Customer Management

Proactive customer engagement to maximize lifetime value.


Fair collections strategies to maximize the chance for ongoing credit relationships.

Fraud & Identity

Smarter application fraud detection and streamlined investigations.


Frequenly Asked Questions

How can we improve efficiency in the lending process with loan origination software?

By implementing a risk decisioning solution for your loan originations, you can streamline the entire loan origination process – from application to underwriting to disbursement. With real-time data access, customizable decisioning processes, and advanced analytics you’ll be better equipped to manage your loan pipeline and customer portfolios more efficiently and effectively.

What’s the best way to integrate data and automated decisioning into our loan origination software?

Loan origination software on its own can’t usually handle a variety of data sources and more sophisticated loan servicing processes.. Most loan origination software has a predeveloped list of data integrations that go hand in hand with pre-built decisioning logic. But with more advanced loan decisioning software in the way of a robust, credit risk analytics and data platform, the sky’s the limit in adding, testing and iterating new data sources.

Why is it better to implement decisioning software instead of building our own loan decisioning software?

In-house loan origination systems often contain your LOS screens and your decisioning logic, all in one. Which sounds great but isn’t actually effective in practice – it limits flexibility and agility, and increases development and implementation time, leading to frustrated business users, impatient loan applicants, and stilted growth.

How does combining decisioning with our in-house loan origination software improve agility?

While it may seem counterintuitive to implement MORE technology, it’s rare that the same technology for your loan origination is effective in powering end-to-end application processing. Simple decisioning found in most loan servicing software can’t handle more sophisticated risk strategies – which is why financial institutions need more sophisticated risk decisioning solutions that can handle real-time data integration, automated decisioning, and advanced analytics. 

Balance risk with opportunity across the customer lifecycle.