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Infact Partner

Smarter affordability assessments, better outcomes

Key Benefits

  • Increase lending and application conversion. Increase automated decisions and acceptances with coverage of 100% of the UK’s adult population and sub-second performance.
  • Move towards assessing suitability. Improve expenditure assessments and go beyond RAG status and ONS by considering a consumer’s application and credit information to create an assessment that correlates with income.

“Infact’s Affordability Engine has improved our expenditure assessments delivering a 10% increase in acceptances and 20% increase in automated decisioning, while keeping application friction low.”


Building a fair and inclusive credit information market

Infact is building a single API for modern lenders offering a cloud-based platform that facilitates more timely sharing of consumer credit information. The team is working collaboratively with UK lenders to build the next generation of affordability, credit risk and fraud products, while overcoming challenges with traditional bureau products such as poor matching, outdated reporting formats and stale data. Affordability Engine is our first product that offers a frictionless, responsive, and transparent suite of metrics lenders can use to triage customers through an application decision flow and more accurately assess if an applicant can afford the product they are currently applying for.

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About Infact Services

  • We offer free retros to assess the value of our Affordability Engine in the following use cases:

    New Lending

    • Comparison quotation stage
    • Embedded finance checkout optimisation
    • Expenditure to complement your income verification
    • Triage or applicant pre-filtering and funnel optimisation
    • CONC aligned full application expenditure estimation

    Customer Management

    • Portfolio monitoring
    • Portfolio reporting
    • Portfolio risk modelling
    • Consumer Duty aligned sufficiency assessment
  • Regions Supported:
    • United Kingdom