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Infinian Vision – Credit Application Data

Key Benefits

  • Affordability, Vulnerability & Credit Risk. Use Infinian’s real-time market intelligence from millions of consumer credit interactions to find additional data points, identify high-risk individuals and set up early warning alerts to mitigate risk and comply with regulations.
  • Collections, Tracing & Fraud Prevention. Infinian’s unique dataset also helps firms with credit acquisition lifecycles and protects against losses. With comprehensive fraud prevention and detection solutions, Infinian insights power frontline financial crime prevention investigations. Infinian also provides tools that help firms improve and build unique, segmented collections strategies.

“Data from Infinian is unique to the market, and provides granular credit application data, which helps us perform appropriate due diligence checks that ensure our customers’ activity is affordable as well as fun.”


Endless Data, Endless Insights

Infinian provides highly insightful data to the gaming sector, fintech companies and some of the largest global data businesses and credit bureaus.

Infinian Vision is a consumer-focused database informed by hundreds of data sources in real time. Unique and powerful, Vision is proven to be highly valuable to lenders, credit providers and data businesses to enhance the quality of their affordability, vulnerability and credit decisioning of their customer databases.

Infinian’s unique data insights are used across a wide range of industries and sectors allowing businesses to manage their data and track customer behavior effectively. Utilizing Europe’s largest marketplace for consumer credit applications, Infinian is uniquely positioned to assist businesses seeking to improve their decisioning systems, responsiveness and fraud detection.

Infinian services:

  • Lenders and Banks – Infinian helps major financial institutions manage their data and decisioning process
  • Risk and Fraud Agencies – Infinian data assists in identifying high-risk individuals and fraudulent activity
  • Debt Collections Agencies – Track missing customers, build new, segmented collections strategies and improve lines of customer communication
  • Gambling and Gaming Sector – Identify vulnerable customers and protect consumers in financial distress

About Infinian

  • Services:

    • Vulnerability and Affordability Analytics
    • Affordability Risk
    • Collections and Tracing
    • Initial Vetting
    • Credit Risk Tools
    • High Risk Case Removal at Source
    • Identify Additional Information cases
    • Account Origination
    • Decline High Risk
    • Customer Limit Management
    • Assessment of Medium and High Risk Customers
    • Disposable Income Assessments
    • Identification of Financial Vulnerability Indicators
    • Replacement of Bureau Search Insights (quote search)
    • Fraud and Financial Crime Prevention
    • First Party Fraud Identification
    • Assess General Vulnerability
    • Macroeconomic Financial Trends
  • Countries Supported:

    • United Kingdom
    • United States
    • Australia