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The Most Relevant Information for Business in Spain

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the default of payments risk in Spain. INFORMA offers the best Financial Information Solutions to manage Spanish companies’ Financial Risk and reduce the risk of default of payments, as well as the tools to manage it.
  • Find new opportunities with Omnidata Marketing INFORMA. INFORMA supports you in all the stages of the marketing plan with Omnidata Marketing, a solution based on data that will help you to meet all the needs.

Business by Data

INFORMA offers the largest Spanish businesses information database and invests 12 million euros per year in information purchase, processing and analysis.

INFORMA has information on real payment experiences and defaults of payment files that are exclusive. It has launched the Payment Analysis tool, an information exchange program between Informa D&B and the national business market, and manages Dun-Trade®, with information on the payment behavior of companies worldwide.

It offers Icired, a recovery solution based on the first open defaults of payments file, and has access to the Judicial Unpaid Amounts Register (RIJ), a negative solvency file where lawyers, attorneys and social graduates may include and consult debts based on a final judicial decision.

INFORMA develops Informa Data Insights, exclusive data obtained from the combination of a series of variables from our data lake.



  • Services:

    • Commercial credit information
    • Risk management
    • Payment analysis
    • Marketing intelligence
    • Purchases and Compliance
    • Business linkages
    • Public Registers services
  • Countries Supported:

    • Spain