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Global Data Consortium

March 30, 2021

Global Data Consortium

Key Benefits

  • Electronic Identity Verification. eIDV uses personal information such as name, date of birth, or national ID from various data sources to quickly confirm if an individual is who they claim to be. 
  • Know Your Business. Our KYB solution offers three levels of checks with varying degrees of verification to allow your business to retrieve the necessary information for onboarding, partnerships, beneficial owner checks, or more.

“One of the biggest things we love about GDC’s team is their flexibility. They worked to add new data sources to ensure we got the highest match rates possible.”


About Global Data Consortium

Global Data Consortium is a data-as-a-service company that delivers real-time, locally sourced identity and business verification for financial institutions, age restricted services, ecommerce, regtechs, and more around the globe. 

From swift customer and business identification for online account opening to identity verification for global money transfer to verifying ages for online gaming and age-restricted commerce, our local data providers reach deep into their markets to find unexpected sources of identity information, confirming anyone from thin-file clients to prominent persons of interest. Beyond the product itself, our Consortium of data providers, channel partners, and customers supply a continuous flow of knowledge and meaningful connection. 


Expand Your Data Ecosystem.