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Spring Labs

March 22, 2022

Quantify Future Employment Risk with Income Stability Indicators

Key Benefits

  • Real-time indicators of micro and macroeconomic changes. Spring’s Employer, Geography and Industry (EGI) level future employment risk indicators allow lenders to systematically adjust underwriting in a dynamic economic environment, addressing key gaps in backward-looking credit scores. 
  • Orthogonal data to optimize lending decisions. Spring’s Proprietary Entity Resolver makes previously siloed EGI level data accessible for real-time use in underwriting. Data sources include public records, third party APIs, 37M+ US business records for entity resolution, and firmographic data.

“ISI helps us identify blind spots in our existing models as well as safely serve new segments.”

Director of Risk for a large, online, unsecured lender

Close Major Blind Spots With Real-Time Insights

Spring Labs’ Income Stability Indicators (ISI) aggregates a vast array of data sources at the Employer, Geography and Industry levels to provide a more comprehensive risk profile. ISI data allow lenders to combine real time economic insight with traditional credit data

  • Use ISI for loss mitigation or growth, systematically adjusting score cutoffs, credit line assignment and pricing
  • Improve custom credit or fraud risk scores by including 300+ data fields as model inputs
  • Increase acquisition or portfolio marketing campaign effectiveness and ROI by targeting growing industries or geographies

Don’t leave blind spots in your underwriting – learn how ISI can help strategically grow your portfolio. 


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