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April 9, 2022

TeleSign Connects & Protects Digital Experiences Online. 

Key Benefits

  • Use Identity Data Sets to End the Tradeoff between Fraud and Growth. Fraudulent online accounts can be created at an alarming rate, resulting in spam, phishing attacks, promotion abuse, and other costly attacks. TeleSign helps you make smarter decisions about user risk with scores based on digital identities, traffic patterns, machine learning, and a global data consortium.
  • Faster, Safer, and Smarter Online Experiences. TeleSign’s PhoneID API helps you validate customers’ identities without adding friction by delivering real-time behavioral data, phone number intelligence, and mobile identity analytics based on the information you’re already collecting.

“TeleSign is a pioneer in digital identity and communications solutions for some of the most notable digital businesses in the world.”

Machine Learning in Action.

Receive real-time actionable insights to measure users’ risk level and identify potential fraud before it happens – all with just a phone number.  

TeleSign Score returns a numerical risk assessment, fraud score reasoning, and recommendation. You determine your score threshold based on business needs and easily integrate it into existing account security workflows.  

As fraud evolves, so should your risk scoring.


Expand Your Data Ecosystem.