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The New Standard in Business Identity

Key Benefits

  • 100% Coverage of Registered Businesses. Built on our own data infrastructure, Middesk provides complete and up-to-date data on every registered business across the United States.
  • Everything you need to know about a business’s identity. Get a complete and accurate view of your customers — entity names, officers, business addresses, TIN verification, watchlist screening, and more.

“With Middesk, what ordinarily would have taken us hours to do is now taking us minutes. We take pride in partnering with technology companies that help us serve our customers better.”


The Complete and Modern Solution for Verifying Any Business

The way that businesses engage with one another has changed. Business owners expect instant onboarding to the products and services they need to establish and scale. Service providers manage an increasingly complex set of regulatory, reputational, and financial risks. Compounding these challenges is a shift away from face-to-face interactions in favor of high velocity, digital experiences. To meet this growing set of needs, service providers require new tools and data products that allow them to scale their processes for establishing trust with their customers.

Middesk’s mission is to make it easy for businesses to access the products and services that they need to grow and thrive. Our customers leverage our data services to build an intelligent and complete perspective on every business. Whether you’re looking to onboard businesses for payment processing, issue lines of credit, or simply open a new commercial account, Middesk can help you do it all with a toolkit designed for modern companies.

About Middesk

  • Services:

    • Secretary of State Searches
    • Address Analysis
    • Web Presence Analysis
    • OFAC Watchlist
    • True Industry
    • EIN Verification
  • Countries Supported:

    United States