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Creditsafe Announces New Partnership with Provenir


April 29, 2019 | Jonathan Pryer

The new partnership will allow instant automatic investment decisions.

“This new approach to data will allow organizations to successfully deploy their risk strategies and in turn allow them to focus on providing their customers with a better experience”

Global business intelligence specialist Creditsafe has announced a new partnership with risk decisioning and data science solution Provenir to provide automated investment and credit risk decisioning to businesses.

The partnership will see Creditsafe incorporate Provenir’s risk decisioning and data science platform into its Connect API, allowing connection to major CRM and ERP systems. This will allow users to be able to access and analyse financial data regarding possible investment and lending opportunities in real-time. Thanks to this new partnership companies will be able to make more informed choices, reducing the risk of bad debt and empowering business growth.  Automating the credit check process will allow businesses to incorporate data concerning a company’s financial health into the onboarding process, reducing the need for manual data checks that take time and increase the likelihood of human error.

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