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Optimized Application Fraud Prevention:
Reduce Friction and Prevent Loss

How an integrated, intelligent decisioning platform can manage all risk

Fraud threats continue to rise. Which is why financial services organizations need to continually evolve to say ahead of fraudsters. But stricter controls aren’t the only answer, because you run the risk of shutting out creditworthy customers or adding unnecessary (and unwelcome) friction to the customer journey. So how can you balance better, more accurate application fraud detection and prevention with reduced friction across the lifecycle and sustainable business growth?

A single integrated, intelligent decisioning platform that can analyze and manage all fraud and credit risk across the customer lifecycle. Join us live on June 25th as our Provenir experts share insights and guidance on how to reduce friction, prevent losses, and ensure your fraud prevention strategy can keep up with evolving threats.

Key takeaways:

  • Current fraud trends, including challenges and opportunities
  • Ways to mitigate fraud with better data orchestration
  • Why eliminating siloed environments between your fraud and credit risk teams enables a more holistic view of your customers across the lifecycle
  • How to balance customer experience and fraud prevention with dynamic, responsive application and onboarding methods
  • Why a cloud-native, flexible, scalable solution enables continuous evolution alongside changing fraud threats
  • How embedded intelligence can optimize your data orchestration and fraud decisions
  • Demo of the Provenir Fraud solution

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Sophia Qureshi

VP of Product Management, Fraud Solutions, Provenir

Sam Rohde

Director of Presales, North America, Provenir


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