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AML Screening Automation for Modern Companies

Key Benefits

  • Automated PEP and Sanctions, and UBO Screening. Scale your customer onboarding with automated AML and UBO screening with fewer false positives so you can focus on your core business and growth.
  • Automated Monitoring. Simplify your AML workflows with our automated daily monitoring. Get notified in real time of AML status changes in your customer base.

“Safello saw a 90% reduction in false positives after switching to Pliance; we went from hours of investigations per day to minutes!.”


Pliance – Automated AML Screening

AdviceRobo mission is to responsibly promote financial inclusion for the next generation, globally. Younger generations possess unique attributes such as digital fluency, strong entrepreneurial spirit, and a commitment to sustainability, often overlooked by traditional financial methods. To bridge this gap, we’ve crafted an advanced data collection tool tailored for next-gen traits and behaviors.

This tool serves as the foundation for our sophisticated analytical solutions, integrating cutting-edge AI, all while upholding ethical standards and respecting privacy within the regulatory framework. Our solutions empower you to exercise greater control with automated customer data enrichment and seamless data automation through our automatic data pipelines. We also offer innovative modeling and scorecards, in addition to assisting your team in developing customized scorecards. By embracing these solutions, you can embrace the future of financial inclusion and cater to the unique needs of the next generation.

About Pliance

  • Services:

    • Global PEP, Sanctions Screening
    • Nordic UBO Screening
    • Automated Monitoring
    • Complete customization of AML workflows
  • Regions Supported:

    • Global