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Discover next-generation decisioning technology.

Flexibility + Agility

Respond to industry trends, threats and consumer needs faster than the competition.

Smarter Decisioning

Simplify data integration and automate risk decisions for more accurate, personalized risk decisioning.

Lower TCO

Enable self-sufficiency and limit vendor reliance with low-code, drag-and-drop tools.

Upgrade your risk decisioning capabilities.

To compete in today’s digital-first world, you need to offer innovative banking products, fast approvals, and a world-class consumer experience. But legacy decisioning technology – siloed data sources, disparate software systems, reliance on numerous vendors – can make this difficult for banks, if not impossible.


Create personalized, superior banking experiences.

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to keep your decisioning technology in sync with business needs? Provenir’s AI-Powered Data and Decisioning Platform is designed to empower your team to quickly and easily take control of your risk strategy – and stay ahead of the competition.

Drive innovation

Take control of innovation with our no-code, drag-and-drop interface that empowers your business users to collaborate, iterate and get new banking products to market faster than the competition. React to consumer demands and evolve your business in real-time.

  • Launch new products in record time
  • React in response to changing market conditions
  • Scale your automated decisioning across multiple product lines

Simplify integration

Provenir Data makes it quick and easy to access and integrate a wide variety of data sources. Integrate to both internal and external data sources using our Data-as-a-Service solution and explore new data sources covering identity, credit, fraud, KYC, and other traditional and alternative data options.

  • Fully maintained API integrations
  • Benefit from a rich range of curated data sources to power smarter decisioning
  • Filter by geography, use case, and data type

Automate decisioning

Our AI-Powered Data and Decisioning Platform enables real-time, fully automated decisioning workflows. Rapidly assess credit risk with predictive models that can be uploaded and deployed into business logic without recoding.

  • Create world-class banking experiences
  • Use predictive analytics to automate decisions across the entire lifecycle
  • Eliminate vendor, IT and development team reliance

Reduce costs

Enable self-sufficiency and reduce your total cost of ownership with an all-in-one decisioning platform. Automate decisioning processes so your IT team doesn’t have to do the heavy lifting anymore.

  • Eliminate vendor reliance and the burden on your IT team with no-code, drag-and-drop tools
  • Do away with paying for multiple software installations, model changes, and every new data source
  • Reduce your time to market and operating expenses with automation

Improve customer experience

Eradicate monolithic legacy decisioning software that limits your agility and instead power superior banking experiences with personalized pricing and offers. Identify and respond to new risks and opportunities faster.

  • React to market and consumer demands faster than the competition
  • Compete more easily with real-time decisioning and data access
  • Power AI/ML to optimize your decisions and create more inclusive, bias-free experiences
  • Support end-to-end credit application processing

Future-proof technology

Bridge the gap between your risk, credit, analytics, and development teams with visual tools that eliminate technical knowledge gaps. Eliminate siloed systems and environments with one cohesive decisioning and data platform that drives your banking business forward.

  • Enable technical and non-technical users to work side by side
  • Support real-time iteration
  • Encourage innovation
Bigbank logo

“The Provenir solution is an important element in our transformation. The interface is so visual that it is simple to design effective, transparent business processes.”

Chief Technology Officer, Bigbank
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“The flexibility and ease of use of the Provenir platform allowed us to complete a very complex project in record time with nearly half as many resources and over a 50% cost reduction.”

Adam Colclasure, Senior Director, Risk Infrastructure

“With Provenir, we have autonomy and flexibility; we can deliver a best-practice experience in every branch through automated processes that capture the rules and decisions made by our most skilled representatives.”

Lorenzo Blesa Sanchez, Global Head of Risk Strategy & Tech-Data-ESG Projects and Operations

“We found that Provenir outperformed their competitors in the areas where we sought excellence – time to market, functionality, flexibility and technology.”

Fredrik Ridaeus, Resurs Bank’s Nordic Credit Manager

“Provenir plays a vital role in navigating this balance between compliance and speed, because it gives us the ability to orchestrate all of our scoring and compliance processes very quickly.”

CEO, Dun & Bradstreet
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“Provenir has delivered a solution that increases our agility and responsiveness to clients. The implementation of Provenir’s software will contribute towards Klarna’s global market goals.”

CEO, North America, Klarna

Make risk decisions faster than the competition without sacrificing your risk strategy.

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