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Make Better Credit Decisions, Faster, Using Bank Transaction Data

Key Benefits

  • Better data analytics enables better credit decisions. Prism helps clients more accurately predict credit default risk so they can increase approvals, while reducing expected losses. Leverage customer-permissioned deposit account transaction data and Prism’s powerful analytics to improve underwriting, score more customers and minimize first-party fraud.
  • Spot risk, before it becomes a problem. Prism’s products help companies quickly detect—and proactively respond to—changes in a consumer’s income & spending that may be indicative of risk, and surface non-obvious financial obligations (like BNPL, payday & title loans) that could impact a consumer’s ability to repay.

Prism Helps Clients Quickly Make Better Credit Decisions

Prism Data provides essential infrastructure powering the next generation of credit risk. Prism’s market-leading suite of products –including its proprietary CashScores – use advanced open banking analytics to enable financial institutions, fintechs and other businesses to derive powerful and actionable insights from consumer-permissioned bank transaction data. Prism clients can use those insights to more precisely and accurately predict credit default risk, score missing- and thin-file customers, identify first-party fraud, and better manage and service existing portfolios.

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About Prism

  • Services:

    • CashScore: Assess a consumer’s credit risk using real-time financial transaction history, as opposed to credit history. Predicts 90+ DPD in 12 MoB.
    • CashScore for First-Party Fraud: Assess near-term, or early-life credit and fraud risk, including first payment default, “never pay,” and first-party fraud.
    • Insights: A library of enriched attributes, built from categorized transaction data, that can be used in tandem with CashScore or as distinct attributes incorporated into underwriting models.
    • Income: Analyzing banking transactions to identify gross and net pay, income stability, employment, and income sources.

  • Regions Supported:

    North America