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The Railz API: Building a Future of Data-Powered Finance

Key Benefits

  • Real-Time Financial Analytics at Your Fingertips. Railz offers real-time SMB financial data and analytics for informed investment decisions. With accurate data, financial institutions can assess creditworthiness and provide valuable services to SMB clients, using accurate, up-to-date data.
  • Transform your Financial Analysis with Streamlined Efficiency. Railz streamlines SMB financial analysis for efficient data collection, underwriting, and product launches. It saves time, reduces errors, and offers clients a seamless experience.

“Our bank partners love that we have access to real-time accounting data. That was huge in getting a credit facility.”


The Future of Finance Needs Access to Financial Data

Railz: Revolutionize financial services with the largest financial data network in the world.

Railz solves challenges faced by financial institutions in obtaining high-quality financial data for SMBs. We provide one access point for normalized SMB financial data, collected from multiple sources including accounting, banking, tax, and commerce. Railz offers unique features and tools including Railz Credit Score™, Railz Accounting Accuracy Score (RaaS™), cash flow forecasting, benchmarking, and real-time analytics visualization. We help FIs make fast and calculated decisions in lending, business financial management, payment reconciliation, and insurance. Railz normalization process ensures that data is organized, standardized, and up-to-date, making it easy for FIs to safely make informed decisions.


About Railz

  • Services:

    • Railz API: connects to all major accounting service providers like QuickBooks, Netsuite, Xero, Banking via Plaid, and E-Commerce such as Shopify & Square.
    • Lending: optimize credit approval and monitoring process and streamline loan origination and servicing.
    • Valuation and Forecasting: business valuations, cash flow forecasting.
    • Railz Credit Score™: A modern business credit score
    • Accounting Accuracy: Railz accounting accuracy Score (RaaS™) measures accuracy of accounting data when overlaid with banking data.
    • Benchmarking: Financial ratios by market, geography, age of business
    • Railz Normalization: Makes sense of messy financial data across commercial customers in real-time.
    • Railz Dashboard™: Configurable dashboard that provides highlights and insights to build customized dashboards.
    • Railz Visualization SDK: a collection of standardized web components to build customized financial dashboards and develop the next-gen of embedded finance products.
    • E-commerce Integration: integration with Shopify and Square: Pull e-commerce data directly into your application to help reconcile and keep financial records up to date.
  • Regions Supported:

    • North America