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From the latest risk decisioning and industry news to risk software and decision engine developments, our Provenir AI-Powered Risk Decisioning Platform resources bring together eBooks, videos, articles and more to help drive your business forward. Explore our resources to accelerate your innovation journey.

Credit Risk, Lending

Economic Landscape in Europe: Uncertainty Fueled by Political Volatility

Europe, like much of the world, is facing global economic uncertainty, especially as war continues to wage in ...
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Fintech, Lending

10 Fintechs That Are Transforming SME Lending

By combining financial know-how with technology, fintech is reshaping SME lending, approving loans to more businesses and giving ...
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Q&A: Driving world-class SME lending experiences

John Pesavento, VP of Technology at Reliant Funding, shares his insights on how to power rapid approvals and ...
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Decisioning, Lending

The History of Lending

Provenir History of Lending Infographic FInal Download the infographic Technology and the Democratization of Lending NO TECHNOLOGY ANCIENT ...
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AI, Lending

How to power rapid approvals and accelerate your SME lending processes

Forty-four percent of SMEs look to funding to meet operating expenses, with this number expected to grow considerably ...
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AI, Data

IDC Spotlight: New Data Sources and Innovative AI Are Redefining the Business of Lending

Download the Report Innovative Technology, Expanding Data, and AI: Changing the Way We Lend The business of lending ...
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