The Provenir risk analytics and decisioning Platform puts the power of change into the hands of the business.

Innovative, business-focused tools lets the business take charge of designing and implementing efficient, automated risk decisioning processes.


Provenir Platform

The Provenir risk analytics and decisioning Platform delivers a set of components designed to support the needs of business analysts, end users, developers, system administrators and business policy makers. Business users and IT can collaborate to quickly design and build efficient, customer-focused risk decisioning processes.

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Provenir Analytics

The Provenir risk analytics and decisioning Platform is unique in its ability to quickly and easily import multiple types of risk models so that they can be operationalized in automated decisioning processes. Because the integration is “model agnostic”, simple and complex models and scorecards developed in third-party tools such as SAS, R and Excel or exported using PMML or MathML can be imported, validated and mapped via easy-to-use wizards.

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Provenir Cloud

Provenir Cloud offers the best of both worlds with a hybrid solution that takes advantage of the unique capabilities offered by on-premises and cloud environments. Provenir Cloud leverages all the advantages of the Provenir risk analytics and decisioning Platform, which provides an agile platform to accelerate delivery of high-performance risk decisioning solutions. With Provenir Cloud, you can easily transition to building services in the cloud in a business-friendly environment that encourages business and IT collaboration.

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Provenir Integration Adapter for Salesforce

Provenir’s pre-built integration adapter for Salesforce allows for seamless data exchange and real-time analytics and decisioning using a single data set. With the Provenir adapter, financial companies can quickly and easily automate complex analytics and decisioning processes for credit and loan applications - all from within their Salesforce environment.

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Data Integration

The Provenir Risk Decisioning Platform can substantially reduce the time, resources and costs for implementing sophisticated risk decisioning applications. A core strength of the platform is its pre-built and standards-based integration adapters. These “Foundation Adapters” enable IT organizations to communicate and integrate quickly with other internal and external systems as well as multiple structured and unstructured data sources.

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Provenir’s Microservices Solution

For organisations that have adopted a Microservices style of architecture, or are looking to do so, Provenir supports the decomposition of business processes providing the capability to develop and expose business functions as discrete services. Provenir is designed to support a Microservices architecture, and the intermediate steps in moving to one.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Imagine the possibilities, if you could grasp every node of decisioning data - from application details to existing customer profiles and third party information - and display that knowledge in configurable reporting dashboards. With risk BI and analytics, you can take positive action based on real customer data.

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