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As an auto lender, you’re always looking for ways to drive a better consumer experience in an increasingly competitive market. When it comes to closing a deal and getting a car off the lot, every second counts. So, when your competitors are approving loans in minutes or even seconds, you need auto finance software that supports real-time approvals.

But, as an innovative auto lender you want and need more than that. To power your business forward you need an auto lending platform that lets you develop and deploy sophisticated risk models. You need technology that helps you access the data you need when you need it. You need a decisioning solution that lets your risk team make rapid changes without relying on your vendor or dev team.

You need an auto loan decisioning system that lets you say yes to more applicants, without increasing risk.

We’re here to help you create and deploy innovative risk strategies that power more sophisticated decisioning and drive business growth.


“We have deep insight into every application and contract as we can instantly get real-time information whenever we need it.”
Jeff Lively, VP of Dealer Services, GM Financial

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With Provenir the power of the risk process is in your hands:

  • Power innovation—say yes more with advanced data analytics
    Your plans don’t just involve saying yes quicker, it’s all about saying yes to more of the right people! Provenir is a model-agnostic platform so your risk teams can quickly build, test, and deploy sophisticated risk models—without having to wait for recoding—so you can make smarter decisions. Our support of advanced data science tools, such as machine learning, helps you get deeper insights from data so you can say yes more, with confidence.
  • Gain agility and independence—using our low-code platform
    Your auto lending technology shouldn’t be the source of risk strategy delays. Take risk strategy into your own hands with Provenir’s low-code, drag and drop solution that eliminates vendor dependence and lets your business users make rapid changes to risk processes. With greater independence you’ll have greater agility to respond to market changes and take advantage of opportunities as they happen.
  • Win more business—customized pricing in seconds
    Use sophisticated automation to replace time-consuming manual processes for instantaneous credit decisions tailored to each customer. Tell the Provenir Platform how you want to handle decisioning, from straight-through processing of credit-worthy applications to flagging complex requests requiring more careful analysis. Provenir can simplify and streamline the process from end to end. Create processes that return customized rates in seconds and win more business with risk-assessed, competitive customer friendly rates.

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The Solution to Auto Lending Challenges

Improve decisioning accuracy—with advanced data analytics
Take advantage of advanced data science tools, such as machine learning, in your auto loan origination processes to improve your decisioning accuracy. Dig deeper into the data to find trends and data points that power improved decisioning accuracy and the ability to say yes with more confidence.

Reduce risk model deployment delays—with the model-agnostic platform
Deploying credit risk models can be a huge challenge for many auto lenders. Eliminate the delays caused by model rewrites with Provenir’s model agnostic platform. With support for R, Python, SAS, PMML, and Excel, your risk team can deploy, test, and operationalize models in their code of choice without waiting on dev teams.

Simplify data source integration—with Provenir’s integration wizard
Get access to the data you need when you need it using Provenir’s integration wizard to power the integration process. The wizard can build connections to internal, external, structured, and unstructured data sources so you have the data you need to make smarter decisions.

Put your risk team in control—with the low-code, drag and drop interface
Delays in the implementation of your risk strategy expose your business to increased risk and reduce your ability to take advantage of market opportunities. With Provenir’s low-code auto finance software you can empower your risk team to quickly and easily make changes to risk processes, data integrations, and risk models.

Build a future proof auto finance software platform—with our flexible and scalable auto loan solution
Investing in an auto loan solution is a big commitment. Provenir is a highly customizable, flexible, and scalable solution that can be configured to grow and evolve in line with your business needs. Provenir provides you with the components to create your own unique auto loan decisioning platform, without having to build from the ground up.

Support instant loan/credit decisioning across multiple products—with automated processes
Whether purchasing or leasing, your customers expect instant answers. With the Provenir Platform approval processes including KYC, credit risk scoring, loan pricing, and risk decisioning can be fully automated. The platform can process thousands of applications across multiple products in real-time. So, you can keep your customers happy and ready to drive a car away.

Power business growth—by building an agile and adaptable solution
With support for a microservices architecture and API integration, you can easily join together the business components into the perfect auto loan platform for your needs. By avoiding the monolith architecture approach of legacy systems you can rapidly build, rebuild, and reuse components across your origination platform to pivot into new business lines.

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