Your Credit Decision Making Goal: Easily Integrate Tools and Data Sources

Make Your Credit Decision Making Faster and Smarter

Data is the key to making the right decisions, especially when it comes to credit decision making. Whether you’re approving loans, processing payments, or onboarding clients, data empowers you to protect your business, identify opportunities, and drive business growth. But, accessing and integrating data and data tools into business processes is one of the biggest challenges financial organizations face in today’s digital world.

Simplifying Analytics Tool and Data Source Integration

To maintain your agility and power credit decision making processes that provide world-class user experiences you need to be in control of accessing and using data at the right time. Forget relying on vendors to create new integrations or waiting on overburdened dev teams to hard-code connections. Imagine what your team could achieve with the ability to integrate new data sources, utilize the latest data science tools, and connect disparate systems exactly when it needs to, not weeks or months later.

Provenir’s low-code platform with data source connection wizard and data integration tools empower maximum business agility, flexibility, and control, by putting the power to integrate tools—like risk models and machine learning—and data—both external and internal—in your risk team’s hands.

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Provenir’s Data Source Integration Wizard

The Provenir Platform includes a powerful integration wizard that makes connecting to internal, external, structured, and unstructured data sources quick and easy. The wizard requires minimal technical input and puts your business users in charge of data source mapping with a drag and drop interface. So, integrations can be created, edited, and updated in real-time. No hardcoding, no vendor reliance, no delays.

With simplified access to data and the power to integrate data sources into your risk solution your business will be able to utilize more sophisticated credit decision making processes. More data accessed and used in real-time means faster decisioning, a reduction or elimination of manual processing, and a cutting-edge customer experience.

See Provenir’s data integration tools put integration control in your risk team’s hands

With an abundance of data at your disposal you need to be able to import, test, and deploy models in real-time. Each delay means missed opportunities, increased risk, and reduced business agility.

But model deployment delays are often out of your control, like when you’re forced to wait for vendor support to make changes or need your dev team to recode models into accepted languages. However, there are things you can do to reduce or eliminate these delays completely. For example, Provenir offers a model agnostic platform that supports model uploads in Python, R, Spark, TensorFlow, SAS, and Excel. Your team can then work on the model in their language of choice to avoid recoding delays and push models into production quickly and easily.

Provenir for Advanced Data Science Tools

Data science can help you get additional value from your data. That’s why more and more financial services organizations, like yours, are using advanced data science tools to dig deeper into their data to identify opportunities, mitigate threats, and make smarter decisions.

Integrating data science tools can be difficult, especially when data is siloed in disparate systems. To create the foundation for your data science projects, such as machine learning and advanced analytics, Provenir not only makes data integration easy, it also boasts powerful orchestration technology to get data where you need it when you need it.

To help you analyze the huge amounts of data produced by your business and credit decision making processes Provenir integrates with a variety of external tools and includes support for AmazonML, Python, SparkML, and Tensorflow.

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