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Saying Yes More:
How GM Financial, Yapstone, and Insikt use Risk Analytics and Decisioning to Drive Business Growth

Allison Karavos
September 10, 2018

Provenir clients GM Financial, YapStone, and Insikt talk risk decisioning over on today. The article delves into their risk decisioning processes and uncovers how robust risk analytics allow them to ‘say yes more’.

“To the outside world, loan decisions and payment approvals can seem like a simple yes or no decision: either the application is approved or it’s declined. However, the most successful financial services organizations know that determining a yes, no, or even maybe response requires a robust decisioning process that not only protects all parties, but also drives an organization towards its goals.

In today’s tech savvy world risk decisioning has become an artform that has the power to make or break a financial services organization in a number of ways, from its impact on user experience, to the risks it exposes the business to or protects it from. Businesses who embrace this new risk management artform are developing sophisticated risk decisioning processes that incorporate more than the traditional credit scores we all love to hate.

It’s no secret that digitization has created huge disruption within the financial services industry, replacing traditionally paper-based processes with tech-powered automated systems that make it possible to process loan applications and make payments instantly. But this ‘instant gratification’ culture has also created new opportunities for fraud and increased threats that have the potential to outsmart traditional risk decisioning processes that don’t keep up with the evolving risk landscape.

So how can businesses use risk decisioning not just as a form of protection but also as an opportunity to innovate and grow? GM Financial, Yapstone, and Insikt are three examples of organizations that are using strategic tech partnerships to create sophisticated risk decisioning processes that secure their positions as industry leaders.”

Read the full article at to learn more about how these three innovative businesses are using smarter risk decisioning to drive business growth, expand market opportunities, and improve the consumer experience.

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