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SentiLink Stops Identity Fraud at Onboarding in Real-Time

Key Benefits

  • Catch more fraud and emerging threat vectors. Our high precision real-time scores enable you to flag high risk applications before they onboard. As your trusted fraud advisor, we share our own insights on fraud rings and emerging trends.
  • Boost approval rates and onboard good customers faster. Insights shared on every application not only highlight risks, but benign flags. Knowing when an SSN is likely typoed, for example, helps quickly onboard a good customer rather than send them through costly verification channels.

“SentiLink is hands down the best fraud vendor we work with. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”


Stop Identity Fraud

The biggest differentiation in our approach is how much we emphasize deep understanding of fraud and identity in our models. We don’t use performance data as input to the products we build because we focus on consistent use of the individual elements of someone’s identity across the entire credit-active US population. Our Risk Operations team manually reviews cases, identifies emerging fraud vectors and detects nuances in fraudulent behavior. They feed that intelligence back to our data science team who incorporate that insight into the models they manage. It is this fundamental difference that explains why SentiLink catches more fraud with a lower false positive rate. 

Our solutions also include a web-based dashboard for efficient case investigation. And, cases can be escalated to our Risk Operations team for a second look.


About SentiLink

  • Services:

    Synthetic Fraud Scores: When someone applies to open an account using a fake identity, SentiLink flags it with high precision in real-time.

    ID Theft Scores: SentiLink leverages insights about email, phone, IP address, and behavioral patterns on an application to stop those using stolen identities.

    KYC Insights: Discover a new kind of KYC product that satisfies CIP obligations and uncovers insights about identity risks for remediation.

    Dashboard: An intelligent, web-based interface that provides your team with context on every application. Cases can be escalated to SentiLink’s Risk Ops team for a second look.

    ID Complete: Create a low friction sign-up flow while managing fraud risk with ID Complete so that you don’t need to request a full SSN.

    Manifest: A consumer identity data endpoint designed for Risk teams that are building internal case management systems or decisioning rules.

  • Countries Supported:

    • United States