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Sergel Helps Bring in More Profitable Customers

Key Benefits

  • Fast and reliable credit scoring. With scoring from Sergel, you can feel secure when you provide credit to both companies and consumers. We provide seconds-quick answers so you can sell immediately.
  • Build profitable long-term customer relations. With Sergel, it is easy to determine who will be long-term profitable customers.

Sergel – From Purchase to Payment

Fully Automated.

  • Your existing systems are connected directly to Sergel.
  • The credit check can take place automatically when you add the customer.
  • Save time and start invoicing immediately.

Profitability in Focus.

  • Sergel focuses on the profitability of your customer relationship.
  • You can safely say yes to more within a risk level that suits you.
  • Our database is lightning fast – you can answers and can sell immediately.

Advanced Logic.

  • Advanced models developed by experienced analysts.
  • Sergel receives daily updated information from many sources.
  • Credit checks may be stored in accordance with legal requirements.

About Sergel

  • Services:

    • Credit Decision
    • Credit Check
    • Credit Scoring
    • Business Credit Data
    • Consumer Credit Data
    • Debt Collection
    • Debt Purchase
  • Countries Supported:

    • Sweden