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Smile API

Smile API

One Trusted Source for Employment Data in Asia

Key Benefits

  • Access to Employment Data through one API. Smile API provides user-authorized access to recent, comprehensive, verified employment data that is accessible in real-time from employment documents, HR and payroll systems, gig economy platforms, and social security systems through a Singe API.
  • Make better credit decisions, increase conversion, reduce risk. Unlike traditional sources of credit data like credit scores, blacklists or submitted documents, we provide greater coverage, real-time access, and the most recent, comprehensive, identity and employment data that is available in the market today.

Smile Provides Employment Data Across Platforms and Employers, all Through a Single API

We are building infrastructure for alternative credit data by allowing borrowers to easily share their employment and income information to lenders. We aggregate and unlock previously siloed employment and income data coming from employment documents, HR and payroll systems, gig economy platforms, and government systems. Everything is done in real-time and with their consent. 


About Smile API

  • Services:

    • Capture and verify a user’s identity including their name and contact information
    • Capture and verify income and employment data in seconds. Retrieve them straight form the source, as well as receive other historical employment data included in their file.
    • Get access to other alternative credit data points to better assess your user’s credit worthiness such as their gig transaction data, performance ratings, insurance contributions and outstanding liabilities.
    • Automatically capture of data from scanned or photographed employment documents
  • Countries Supported:

    • Philippines
    • Indonesia
    • Singapore