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Quantify Future Employment Risk with Income Stability Indicators

Key Benefits

  • Real-time indicators of micro and macroeconomic changes. Spring’s Employer, Geography and Industry (EGI) level future employment risk indicators allow lenders to systematically adjust underwriting in a dynamic economic environment, addressing key gaps in backward-looking credit scores.
  • Orthogonal data to optimize lending decisions. Spring’s Proprietary Entity Resolver makes previously siloed EGI level data accessible for real-time use in underwriting. Data sources include public records, third party APIs, 37M+ US business records for entity resolution, and firmographic data.

“ISI helps us identify blind spots in our existing models as well as safely serve new segments.”


Close Major Blind Spots With Real-Time Insights

pring Labs’ Income Stability Indicators (ISI) aggregates a vast array of data sources at the Employer, Geography and Industry levels to provide a more comprehensive risk profile. ISI data allow lenders to combine real time economic insight with traditional credit data

  • Use ISI for loss mitigation or growth, systematically adjusting score cutoffs, credit line assignment and pricing
  • Improve custom credit or fraud risk scores by including 300+ data fields as model inputs
  • Increase acquisition or portfolio marketing campaign effectiveness and ROI by targeting growing industries or geographies

Don’t leave blind spots in your underwriting – learn how ISI can help strategically grow your portfolio.


About Spring Labs

  • Services:

    • Proprietary employer and industry resolution
    • 300+ micro and macroeconomic indicators
    • Employer, Geography and Industry Risk Indices
    • Additional income underwriting products on Income Misrepresentation and Peer Lender Verified Income / Employment
  • Countries Supported:

    • United States