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Stop Fraudsters
in Their Tracks

Allison Karavos
October 23, 2023

How an AI-Powered Decisioning Platform Can Optimize Your Fraud Data Orchestration

Did you know? 

  • There are over 41,000 account credentials stolen per minute
  • There is a new victim of identity theft every two seconds
  • SIM swap fraud reports have increased by 400% in the past five years

And that’s just a handful of scary stats. As fraud threats evolve, so too must the fraud detection/prevention methods used by financial services providers. The key is data. Because the better you get at optimizing your fraud data orchestration, the more confidently you can say yes and sustainably grow your business. See how an AI-powered risk decisioning platform can help.

Discover more accurate fraud risk detection with a more holistic view of your customers


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